Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Baby Daniel (aka Secret) has a Shepherd's Crook fund!!

When we first heard about Baby Secret, it was because a friend had seen him listed on The Shepherd's Crook ministry web site which helps to find homes for some of the neediest waiting children in adoptive circles. They have established funds for some of those chidren to make it a bit easier when a family does become matchedwith one of those children. I didn't have any idea that a fund had been set up for Secret...our Baby Daniel, when we traveled to Liberia, met him, held him, and then asked to be matched with him, but there is definitely an established fund. The Shepherd's Crook ( aka TSC) has reactivated his fund with our names and his photo all put together. I'm sharing it here with you. Perhaps you would like to help us with some of Daniel's expenses, or you know someone else who is called to help those with special needs to get to their forever families? Will you pray with us forthe poeple who will be used of God to bring Daniel home???I know times are tight for many, and we have heard from a number of grant -bestowing organizations that they are tapped out,and dried up. BUT I KNOW GOD and when God showed us that we were to adopt this very special little boy, I knew at that moment HE would direct us to people and places and creative ideas to help us raise the funds we need to complete Daniel's process, get to Liberia and back again so that we may begin his surgical assessments and actual surgeries! The copy below is a bit small to read, but if you click on the page, you'll see the larger image.

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Blessed Mom of 8 said...


May the LORD pour down provision from heaven for His little baby Secret!

Love you!