Monday, July 6, 2009

random thoughts

I joined into the Mc Linky blog hop and WOW Igot way more than I imagined...I have come across some amazing people and some heart breaking needs for which I have been praying all day. OH HOW WE NEED TO BE THE BODY OF CHRIST to ALL THOSE AROUND US, and OH HOW WE NEED THE LORD TO KEEP FILLING US WITH HIS HOLY SPIRIT SO WE ARE READY AND WILLING , and EQUIPPED TO WANT TO REACH OUT AND BE THE BODY! Thank You Lord for putting new people in my heart and in my thoughts to bring before Your throne.
It is a glorious strangely un-Oklahoma July day: only mid to high 80s. When you are used to low hundreds, that 80 stuff feels almost CHILLY!!!!!!!!!!! When you LIKE it in the hundreds and wear a hoodie on an 85 degree da and family laughs at you, you KNOW you are SOUTHERN...South USA, South (East) Asian, SOUTHERN! Sopheak and I are both in hoodies !
It is one of those days when it was worth it to me to make a special trip to the grocery store because none of the ingredients I needed for what I wanted to cook were in my pantry or freezer!! Tonight we are having Chicken Tetrazzini and it will be wonderful. It is one of my favorites and my Taste of Home Magazine recipe is the best I have ever tried!

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