Thursday, July 9, 2009

Orphans Deserve Better...A message from the Christian Alliance For Orphans

Have you seen trailers for the up-coming movie "Orphan"? The sub title says "there's something wrong with Esther....." the underlying premise being that because she's an orphan, this girl is damamged goods who will do nothing but bring destruction to her family. Movie images can furrow deeply into the minds of the viewer and this kind of message is NOT the message God has given us as to orphaned children. Like so many topics in Hollywood, this seems to have been stretched and twisted to its worst possible outcome, but that twisitng could influence the reasoning of someone considering adoption, and not in a positive way.

Won't you go the this web site :

and see how you can become involved (I KNOW, many of you are SO involved already!) or maybe a little bit more, in promoting what is good about adoption, foster care, adoption support organizations? There is a petition that you can sign to send Hollywood your message of non-support for this kind of film. Those whom God refers to as "the least of these" certainly do deserve BETTER than a film like "Orphan" to tell their story! Share this website everywhere you can!!!!
It is our obligation to speak out on behalf of orphans. God had given each one of us a voice in our communities and some of you globally.

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