Thursday, July 9, 2009

Gardens and goats

Ribs and Rose, the twins, Moses Pork Chop and Aaron, brothers from different mothers

Brownie, my best milk goat, that's Satsuma in the background , lying down

My 2009 Mother's Day rose bush, showing off!

A patch of the red, white and blue front yard garden. White Dusty Miller, Blue Salvia and red GEraniums and Dianthus. There is a red and a white rose bush, lots more geraniums, delphiniumm and white Dianthus surrounding these as well.

The goat pasture is bordered to the west by Formosa trees. The "frothy" "fluffy" blooms on these trees never cease to please me!!

had to show one more...the blooming season is so short, they are already starting to fade. The blooms on a Formosa are at the top of the tree. These are probably at least 30-40 feet up in the air. I can really only see the blooms from my upstairs patio. These shots are with a zoom , and aimed almost straight up!!!

Pumpkin, busting out of the garden and heading for the horse pastures! The yellow bulbs are baby pumpkins. The biggest ones right now are bigger than a soft ball but not as big as a junior sized soccer ball.

cucumbers galore!

ahhhhhhhh, tomatoes..

can't wait til this corn is ready to pick and eat!Two weeks ago the squash plants were no where near the they are bumped right up into the corn row... I think I need a bigger garden next year!! yummy freshly picked ,stir fried with freshly picked green and orange peppers and some onion, add garlic and fresh ground pepper......OH MY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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