Wednesday, July 1, 2009


How I wish I had news, something to share, anything to say. We met our sweet Baby Secret, now Daniel, in March after spending a week with our precious, already matched Junior and Diamoh. We heard a lot about how important it was for him to get surgery quickly, get home as soon as possible,that things would move quickly for his case....................So, April passed, May passed, June is now gone. Thursday I received an email saying that the home office didn't have all our docs in order for them to process our case, and that MY getting those things in will hlep move our case along more quickly. Bearing in mind that I sent what I believed to be everything they wanted in April and more in May, this didn't make me "very happy". WHAT don't they have that has kept any forward progress from taking place? Copies of tax forms, a letter from our ins co saying our chidren WILL BE COVERED and a missing initialed box after a contract item about taking possibly required adoptive parenting classes. My email aksing for some clarification has gone unanswered.
WHY has it taken this long to get to the point of recognizing my deficits? The adoption coordinator resigned in DECEMBER, is the reason I was given. They have our 171 H and home study, with its addendum. The issues above are all mentioned, covered, and included in home study, and the 171H issuance. How we got to this from " we need to seize the opportunity while the government is still interested in his case" I do not know. God IS IN CONTROL, His timing is PERFECT, His creatures: His people ARE NOT. Keep me from growing critical or bitter, anxious or fearful Lord. THESE are not fruits of Your Spirit, but weeds You will have to dig and gouge out should I allow them to take a root!
My prayer has been for Daniel in all this hurry up and wait, that GOD keep his hydrocephaly from advancing any further until he is able to be home, be assessed and have his oh-so-necessary ---- surgery. As summer and my window of more convenient/practical/WHOLE FAMILY PICTURE/ scheduling slips away, I have to take even my very calendar and lay it at the feet of my Lord. Please pray with me for Daniel and his process and his getting home? Its hard enough to wait on government issues to clear up so we can bring Junior and Diamoh home, but they are healthy children.


Kari said...

Praying for Daniel and all that needs to come together for him to come home. What a Blessing that your friends gave you a shower - How Fun!!
I loved all of your pictures.
Hugs, Kari :)

Laurel said...

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. Love the worm analogy.

Oh how we wish we could get a WHOLE FAMILY PICTURE. Just found out today that our eldest is leaving next week for a year in Kosovo. So, he won't be home when our daughter visits from Argentina in the fall. I think the ONLY thing that can bring all of our children home at the same time would be a family wedding ... hoping for one of those in the next year or so.

thanks for your prayers!


whenpigsfly said...

Whole family picture.I have no real hope of thta...when Caleb comes home from Iraq for his 2 weeks, Joshua will probably be heading there himself, Kari is swamped with Chiropratic clinic stuff and 3 elementary school aged kids' activities.............
We were not able to get all the kids here for either Caleb's 07 wedding or Hannah's in 08...
the whole family picture I was thinking at this moment of was co-ordinating all the comings and goings and the caring for the farm and the children at home when I go to Liberia for Daniel.It would be SO much less complicated if I were able to go before mid August!!!!! We ARE hoping that I am not needing to plan a September trip to Liberia with Hannah's Baby Charlie coming due then , AND Caleb being here at that time on his two weeks leave from Iraq!!!

A. Gillispie said...

Linda, I am so, so sorry. I can understand a lot of things when it comes to international adoption and the relationships that clients have with agencies, but lack of communication isn't one of them. Their coordinator leaving in December (for good reason) should have no affect on things 7 months later. It's just not good enough. Okay, I'm getting too heated so I will stop there! =-)

Praying with you that Daniel is home very soon despite the lack of communication and/or action. We know that the Lord is bigger than any agency, any government, or any health issue. Can't wait to welcome Daniel into our OK family!