Tuesday, June 30, 2009


All those lovely bargain priced pots of flowers are IN the garden! I started before
8AM and wasn't done until after 11, but I am pleased with the results. I knew exactly where I wanted to put a lot of those plants but the tree roots from my Red Bud tree restrict my creativity more than I like it to. The French drain system under the garden AND the water pipes from the house don't help much either! Add to that how many early spring bulbs I discovered in the holes I was trying to dig, and how much time I added to my project re-planting dozens of now -dormant grape hyacinth, mini-daffodil and crocus bulbs............what I thought would take about 3 hours took way more than twice that in three different very dirty, sweaty sessions!I think I dug at least 8 or 9 holes for hibiscus plants and at least that many more for dahlias and begonias, only to be stopped by big, deep-down, or close -set tree roots which kept me from completing the holes and putting the plants where, in my mind's eye, they would look the best. I like to get up close and personal when I am gardening too, so I typically only use my little hand shovel. This is my "catch all the little weeds and grasses while I plant" technique and except for when I dig a BIG hole which can't be dug deep enough, is not a bad strategy. I can honestly say that 90% of the weed grass and grass roots I do notwnat living in my garden are now gone. I was more than 12 " down most of the time and I am now VERY familiar with the inner workings of my flower beds! IF I am diligent with watering and weeding, it should stay pretty out front. I saw lots of worms hard at work, and didn't find very many grub worms or other unwelcome guests hatching or hiding in the soil. Naomi came out and kept me company for while and invited me to come swim when I finished. THAT was so refreshing! Even being in the middle of a rather raucous game of Marco Polo while "lounging" on my floatie felt WONDERFUL after all that digging. AND, I rebuked my really bad habit of not faithfully wearing my garden gloves, so: NO blisters, no scrub-proof dirt under my nails, and NO broken finger nails!!
Malachi and Sopheak got back a bit ago, sleepy from the long drive, but safe and sound. Its SO good to have them home!!!
NEXT : off to Tulsa with Hannah and Jon and Mady to Baby Charlie's 4 D ultrasound!!! IF IF IF he can wrap up work early enough Papa Charlie will be there too!! He never got to be at an ultrasound with me for the last tow bio babes we had for which ultrasound was available, so this will be a neat treat for him!!!!

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