Monday, June 22, 2009


and I am not very happy that I can not get that Tangle video to load to this blog so any one reading this blog can just click on it to see it. I don't understand what I don't understand about loading URLs that works for me sometimes and not other times. I am VERY HAPPY for son Issac, who went "money mining" up the street at the dance hall.Its a favorite pasttime of my kids to go up there and scrounge the parking lot for dropped money after the weekend dance hall revelers have departed. Some days they don't find much: maybe some change...BUT TODAY, in the 97 degree heat, with a heat index of 107, a bored Isaac went "mining" and found not only 2 rumply dirty $1 bills but the shredded, stinky, filthy dirty, but complete pieces of a FIFTY DOLLAR BILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He didn't even really think it was a 50 because it was SO DIRTY! It took some real rubbing and washing to reveal the numbers on the pieces! We called the bank and were reassured that if it could be assembled to be a whole bill, they would honor it and replace it for him. Malachi happily took him to the bank for his new money. Sopheak was rather amazed at the whole process so she and Malachi are now across the street trying their "luck". In this heat, I'll just stay indoors and steam my cauliflower and reheat my ham and greens for dinner and wait frothe rice to finish steaming, thank you!!
Sweet baby Daniel is SO on my mind today !! Even when I am not in the market to buy baby things for him ( or for Baby Charie) I am SO drawn (OK sucked in) by the baby department at Walmart which is right next to the frozen section, where I earn frequent flier miles as it were for buying popsicles and ice cream for everyone!
Hannah and I did go garage sale-ing Saturday morning though, and we did make some really good purchases for our baby boys. What could have been hundreds at Walmart was only $30 something and we outfitted two little guys PRETTY impressively well!!!!
This co-baby shopping thing is a lot of fun I have to tell you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am so fervently praying that Daniel will be home during the summer, well before summer ends and schools starts again. I know lots of you are praying too and I thank you for that!!!

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