Thursday, May 28, 2009


Daniel means "God is my Judge"
Elijah means "The Lord is my God"
After praying and talking about what our new baby son's name should be, we know what his name will be: DANIEL ELIJAH. The "Daniel" part came pretty quickly. The "Elijah" part didn't come right away ,and it came from Naomi, who said that Elijah was an awesome name and that Baby Secret's name SHOULD be Daniel Elijah. We believe that she is correct. With our paperwork in country, now we wait to find out if we will be accepted as his parents. I am thinking that "no news is 'good news' " since we have not heard anything since the DHL tracking told us our paperwork had reached its destination last Friday. I think I like having "something to 'do'" better tahn waiting!! Please join us in praying DANIEL ELIJAH home!!??


Amy said...

PERFECT name! Praying!!! Amy

Charity Marek said...

Linda, love the name. We have a Daniel Joseph who is 25. Both great names. Congrats to you again.