Sunday, May 17, 2009

Photos from the weekend

We had ordered PRAY FOR ABBY t-shirts recently and they arrived on Saturday. The girls were very happy to try them on and to post for a few photos , even the photo shy Miss Leah!It was Miss Leah's 13th birthday on Friday. Hannah and Jon were over for b-day dinner (Leah's request: pancakes, bacon , eggs and grits, NO CAKE) and we got to feel Baby Charlie kicking. Here is a delighted Auntie Leah feeling her little busy -boy nephew!!!
It was basketball tournament time for Isaac and Noah too. With Malachi as coach, they earned Second place and had a great time doing it! SEA MONKEYS was Malachi's choice of team names, he designed the logo and I drew it on the shirts.
Leah really does NOT like to have her picture taken so this birthday photo is pretty representative of how MOST of her b-day photos turned out...she was hiding behind or under something or another. Good thing I got her playing with Baby Charlie, or I might not have many good shots from the day!!! Jael, who is NOT camera shy at all, but just the opposite, in an effort to earn some pocket cash WHILE catching some very welcome rays of very welcome sun, washed Charlie's truck on Sunday afternoon . Also in Smith family goings- ons, we discovered a nest of baby bunnies this week..........before two of the three espcaped, the kids got some cute photos of the bunnies in the Bingo cage we had to keep them in! And afte rthe b-ball tounament was over , the boys had some pals over for the rest of the day. WHAT FUN those boys had when they played trampoline dodge ball!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Blessed Mom of 8 said...

Awesome photos!

I just love Leah touching the baby!!!!

Hugs and love!
Who is still in awe of God's working in Charlie's heart!!!!!