Thursday, May 14, 2009

Baby news

I felt Baby Charlie kicking and moving around in Hannah's womb last night! What an amazing thing that was! As an OB nurse and as a Midwife I have felt a LOT of babies over the years, a LOT of babies. Last night was a first...feeling my own grandbaby as he worked out his muscles and pushed back at my hands, did his flips or whatever all he was up to. I love having my Doppler so that we can listen to Baby Charlie any time we want to, without having to wait for a doctor appointment...we listen to him a lot! "Fearfully and wonderfully made..."
And Baby Secret. I heard from his orphanage yesterday too. My prayers have been that God would sustain him and keep his condition from worsening while he waits for adoption and surgery,even if he has no idea that is what he is doing.............the kids and I have prayed in our daily prayer time for him to not have increased headaches or seizure activity, that his lungs stay clear...........and the report I got yesterday was a clear YES answer to those prayers!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Abba Father...........
Yes he too is "fearfully and wonderfully made." This does not only apply to the healthy, the "cute" or the "smart", the "wanted" or the "planned for" Psalm 139 reminds us that God knows every baby in its mother's womb.............He was not willing for any of them to perish, to be alone, to be just a statistic somewhere...............He loves them.
These two , maybe at opposite ends of some spectrum, are just two that God loves, and has given me the honor of knowing and loving too!!

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