Friday, April 10, 2009

How much love can you get out of one bottle of red nail polish?

About this much!!! One afternoon, I told the girls at the orphanage that I wanted to do a mani-pedi for all the girls. I am not entirely sure but I think that babies and older girls included, I did about 30 sets of fingernails and 30 sets of toenails, praying all the away like that widow prayed over her oil and flour as she fed Elijah that it not run out. My not brand -new bottle lasted till the last repair on the original mani-pedis was done!!!!! We had so much fun ! Somebody said " Oh don't you look pretty!?" to one of the newly mani-pedi--ed little girls, but THAT was not my focus and I responded quickly, "NO this is a pretty girl with fancy nails!" and that became the mantra ..." another pretty girl with fancy nails....." Those girls were and are beautiful .........nail polish was just a personal touch to fancy things up a bit. The manicures didn't last till supper time, I was quick to notice...a lot of polish got chewed off pretty quickly after it was applied, but those toes! Dirty and dust covered, the red kept on shining through and most of the girls still had visibly painted toes even on the day we had to say our good byes. Not exactly a "foot washing" but it was an offering of love to each of those precious girls and I was incredibly blessed as I got to love on each one of them!!! Here are some of the beautiful girls who stuck around for thier photo - op!!

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Blessed Mom of 8 said...

OK, how precious is that photo!

Love it!

Hugs and blessings - Jill