Saturday, April 11, 2009

consultation with another neurologist

Brent and Michelle, publishers of Serious Life e-magazine, whose 4 year old daughter Abby has a serious leukemia, live not far from us, and while we have never met face to face YET, they did refer me to Abby's neurologist. I called and left a voice mail thinking that I'd hear from her some time next week after the holiday. SHE CALLED ME BACK WITHIN AN HOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She was so warm, so encouraging, and while she didn't say anything particularly different than the other neruo with whom I spoke, and whose call I waited on for almost two weeks , her approach to Baby S was so different!! Rather than her focus being on how much work we were looking at undertaking, or how full our plate was and would be, she said "OH YES! HE needs to get home and get surgery RIGHT AWAY! He needs family to care for him and get him treatment!" before she addressed any of the potential issues. She gave me some good suggestions to implement if/when Baby S comes home as well. She made herself very available to us before and after Baby S would come home!!!!!!!!!!! Charlie's qustion in response to that was about how much more his condition could / would deteriorate between now and the "maybe one or two months at the earliest before we could get him home." We don't have that answer, but we know that he is not going to stop advancing until he gets treatment.

God knows all those answers, He knew the questions before we asked them, He knew WHO would ask the questions. Thank you to all who are praying over this with us!!!
If you are new to my blog, more about precious Baby S and how he came into our lives, and about his special needs, are in some of my "older posts." If you are wondering who he is and what all this is about, please feel free to browse the older stuff to find out. OR feel free to ASK ME!! I am very happy to talk about him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


love2bmom said...

Love this update. Thanks for sharing, we are PRAYING here in Colorado for answers for the Smiths and for protection for little Secret.



~ Lisa @ AbidingThere~ said...

Happy Easter! :)