Monday, April 6, 2009


We received word Saturday that ABBAFUND has partneredwith anotehr organization to provide us witha $6000 no-interst loan to help with the other expenses related to our adoption!!!!! LIFESONG is our matching grant fund, and that is still very much open for donations, but ABBAFUND is a loan, made to us foritems which are not in the "not-for-profit" agency type expenses....filing with USICS, buying plane tickets and paying for travel/lodging expenses. WHAT A BLESSING THIS IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have agreed upon a re-payment plan which is so gracious, I am in awe! Our #1 plan is to immediatley reimburse upon completion of our adoptions with Charlie's employee adoption reimbursement benefit, BUT if that doens't happen for awhile, we will start our own repayments on a monthly basis until the benefit funds can be used. I am so grateful to ABBAFUND in North Carolina for their kind support and to our Heavenly Father who continues to show us to keep going forward!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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love2bmom said...

What a BLESSING!! Can't wait to see what HE does with this next.