Friday, March 27, 2009

Morning Glory, and Liberia

I did all that I knew to do, more of what I called a goat expert friend to teach me about how to ICU care for my beautiful but languishing doe, all to no positive avail. We had to bury Morning Glory next to her babies yesterday afternoon. VERY sad for all of us. When my grand daughter came to be baby sat this morning she asked about the new babies right off ,andI hadto put a cloud over her morning too, which I buffered with the fact that we have more babies due in a few more days......
I am still processing my thoughts about Liberia. One of my most profound memories is the children and their love of singing. School has much singing as does each church service. These children who have so little by most other people's standards sing "I've got the joy joy joy joy joy, down in my heart" with more passion and truth than I have heard from most poeple who "have it all". When I taught the children "Oh how I love Jesus" one ofthe older boys asked me to write the words in his copy book so he could read it correctly. So much Liberian English is heavily accented and the phonics of many words is utterly lost, and with it, much meaning. the kids watched me singing songs with them which were familiar because they realized I was singing the words differently.They were trying to "get" the sounds right. I am sure they were confused about some of the songs they sang about the Lord, which made no sense whatsoever with the words they were given. They were so sincere and so worshipful, but when they had the "real words" there was an added depth to their worship that I picked up on right away. I had a sweet laugh as did the children when they were singing with their teacher "I've got the peace that passes understanding down in my heart" It came out with the word "pickle" in it, "the pea-aht passaunnasannnin down in my heart" and when I stopped to say the words one at a time they laughedat themselves. "OH? No pickle?" And "I've got the wonderful love of my Blessed Redeemer way down in the depths of my heart" was tons of fun as I said it with them over and over. At Christmas time they did a choreography to "Cruified, laid behind a stone" and did it again for us in worship the day before we left Liberia. BEAUTIFUL ! Two of the older girls lead the prasie and worship portion of the Sunday service and the song time worship in the daily afternoon "under the tree" sessions too. It was such a blessing to see these girls, porbably about 12 -13 leading the other children as they sang. Wewere thinking that when other families travel to visit the children that musical instruments would be wonderful forthem to bring along...maraccas, tambourines, anything (inexpensive) that they can add to the worship time with. I think they'd love that added component! My thoughts are coming together, I will have some photos soon. Most are on Charlie's computer and need to be transfered to mine via a disc. I could have easily done photos yesterday and taught school but being in the barn and helping the kids process all that death stuff kind of shifted my entire focus. Every day presents a new way to trust the Lord!

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