Tuesday, February 17, 2009

God's hand on my newest grandbaby

When Hannah called me yesterday in tears over some real evidence that this pregnancy could be "in trouble" we began to pray and I contacted people I knew would pray with us...........PRAISE GOD!!The "evidence" was misleading and not ominous................ The doctor reassured her that this pregnancy was nothing like the first one, everything this time is happening "just perfectly". HE was so kind and compassionate; I really am so thankful that he is caring for her.
PRAISE GOD for the wonderful new ultrasound photo of my grand baby, all of 9 weeks old, the size of a peanut, with arms and legs beginning to be visible, with strong heartbeat advertising the LIFE within, and promise of life to come...........The baby who looked like a grain of rice in the earlier ultrasound now really looks like a baby. Hannah and I sat looking at her three little pictures together, amazed at how incredible the development and changes take place inside the womb.Truly fearfully and wonderfully made!! My gramma heart has a few more things to ponder today!

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Blessed Mom of 8 said...

I love you and so happy for Hannah and Jon!

Praising God for the miracle of LIFE growing inside of her!