Thursday, January 8, 2009

Something new

You may notice the DONATE button on the side of my blog page these days. In an effort to keep Junior (Levi Matthew) and Diamoh (Keren Jubilee)'s adoptions as debt free as possible and in an effort to be as creative as possible, I have added the wonder of PayPal to our fund raising. We have applied to several grant providing foundations as well, one of which is a matching grant program. IF we should find favor with them and they take us into that program, we will send communication about it and will close down the PayPal button. What seemed like SUCH a long time into the future ,just so recently, is NOW almost here!!!!!!!!!!! WE ARE GOING TO LIBERIA!!!!!!! God has been so faithful to us as He has led us in our adoption journeys so I have no doubt that He will show us how He will provide for our upcoming needs. Some of my adoptive family friends belong to large churches with adoption ministries and funds to help adoptive families in those churches,but our church is small and while we are very faithful to a number of ministries, do not have an adoption ministry at this time. If God should put it upon your heart to click on our DONATE button, I know God will bless you richly far beyond what you might choose to bless us with!! Above and beyond that, I also KNOW that if you, when you see the DONATE button, will pray that this need be met for our family, you too will be richly blessed beyond the time you gave when going to our Heavenly Father on our behalf ! Thank you in advance for your kindness and generosity, thoughts and prayers!!


Ginny said...

Jonny says he got pics of your kids-I hope they are good! I will post to snapfish as soon as possible when he gets home.

Denise said...

i enjoy reading your blog!My husband and i are adopting a beautiful special needs boy from Liberia.We are so excited and cant wait to get him home.