Wednesday, January 28, 2009

more praise!!

I shared a while back that I was praying about a little girl named Ginger in Ukraine, a precious almost 6 year old who has Down Syndrome. I was not sure that God had put her on my heart because she was supposed to be our daughter, but HE PUT HER THERE and PUT HER THERE DEEPLY!!! I committed to the Lord to faithfully pray for THE family who was Ginger's Forever Family. LAST NIGHT I received word that YES YES YES, God answered my prayers ( and I am sure the prayers of many others as well) for sweet Ginger. SHE HAS A FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank You Heavenly Father on behalf of a little girl I will more than likely never meet on this Earth!


June Berger said...

I too am so happy Ginger's family has found her! She also touched my heart deeply, she is a beautiful child.

whenpigsfly said...

Yes she is ! I can't wait to hear that things are moving forward and that before too very long( in adoption -think) she will be HOME with her forever Mommy and Daddy!