Wednesday, December 17, 2008

stuff in the soup

Bless the electrician's heart!! He was here for 5 hours and is not done YET. He will be back tomorrow at 8!! My "big Christmas gift" for the family is new wiring, no more shorts, no more sparks in the circuit box, no more blow dryers shorting out bathroom light, and a very diminished risk for electrical fire. We won't discuss the price tag but it appears to be a bit less than I'd planned. Thank You Lord!!!!!
AND the other accomplishment of the day is that I finally finally FINALLY got all the adoption grant apps filled out, the numbers plugged in, and the requests made. AHHHHHH!! PLEASE LORD let us find favor with these groups and please let there be funds available when our apps are received and considered? We would so very much like to plan our trip to Liberia for our children's court date , for late February, and really don't know right now if that is a good plan or not. The powers that "be" in Liberia are not doing what they promised, alluded to, or should be doing with regard to case histories and completing adoptions. Much prayer is being entered into for our agency and our children. There are families who have waited absolutely unbelievable lengths of time and still don't have completed adoptions and children home, and we are just on the inner edge of our process...................not a good thought to let run unbridled in my thoughts! I am still tinkering with my photos so that I can post good sized shots of Junior and Diamoh.They are so beautiful! I love to just ponder thoughts of them in my heart, and play with thoughts of ALL MY CHILDREN being home together!


Jill said...

PRAISE GOD for a good electrician and safe electricty for everyone!

Praise God for the apps being done! Praying for favor!

Praising Him that you have photos to enjoy of your precious new soup ingredients!

Love you,

Ranee said...

I'll be praying that you get favorable word on those grants at the right time. I know all too well the money situation.

And, here's to a house without any possibility of an electrical fire!