Monday, December 22, 2008

Stirring the soup

It has been a VERY busy week of basketball games,practices, youth group parties, the kids hankering to go shopping for each other after drawing names, my aunt and uncle coming to visit from N Georgia (albeit mostly to see my MOM), a dinner party for 20, and then getting to go away for an entire 24 hours with just Charlie for a company Christmas dinner party, treated to a wonderful hotel room with a simply fantastic breakfast the next morning and then lots of shopping while we were in Tulsa of malls and stores which Stillwater simply does not possess. Now its all about those wrapping gifts and SEWING NOAH's ROBE so it will be done tomorrow...oh and finishing up two crocheted scarves, which are also gifts. OUR WONDERFUL CHILDREN cleaned the living room and set up the tree while we were gone!!! Awesome substitute man of the house Malachi got the tree up and when the pre-lit part of the tree malfunctioned, he strung lights all through it anyhow and helped the younger kiddos to put the ornaments on!
Last week Isaac's JV team had three away games, and I heard "Isaac: WOW!!!!!!!!!!! " stories for days from parents and kids alike. Friday we all went to the game and I got to see for myself what everyone else was bragging about my son over. Being Cambodian Isaac is NOT tall. This does not stop him for 1/2 a second. He studies the shorter NBA players and how the taller guys deal with them. It was so obvious Friday night that he knew what he was doing when he scored 21 of his team's 36 points, stole the ball on a "down low" steal play and sank some perfect three point shots as well. People who are so gifted athletically thrill me. I am SO not athletic! That this amazing athlete is my son is so fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been the mom to a state gymnastics champ (Jael) and a lot of slightly better than average ballet dancers, other basketball players and baseball players, Tai kwon do students, and I have cheered through being the mom of several, er, weakest links too.............. I will cheer on anyone who is trying, or even trying to try. I can't wait to cheer for Levi when he is home and playing soccer or whatever else his brothers get him into, and Keren Jubilee in whatever she chooses to pursue as well!!!
OK, back to that sewing!!!!!!

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Jill said...

You are so precious!

Praising God for the strength He continues to give you to be the hands and feet to many!