Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thinking about Levi and Keren Jubilee

Our agency director HollyAnn is winging her way to Liberia, with packages and gifts for the orphanage and for the children whose parents sent gifts to their referred children . We sent money along too so the children will have a Christmas party. There is also much business to accomplish while she is there too..the big BIGGIE being getting case histories signed off for the children so that adoptions can be completed. A key player on the Liberian side has been dragging his feet with this all important step and in the Name Of Jesus, for the children's sake, he needs to stop dragging and start signing , ie doing his job!!!
We got our finger prints done Wednesday and hope that our 171 H , the American advance approval for adoption document...will be here in January so that we can plan our travel dates for sometime in the second half of February. In the mean time we gather other documents and make mulitple copies in preparation for our trip.
Sweet children we are praying for you nwo and preparing for when we can bring you home!!!!

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Jennifer said...

LOVING the new background!!!!!