Wednesday, November 19, 2008

REALLY looking a lot like Christmas , or not

Ok I was really used to this kind of day when Sulphur La was home: 70+ degrees in mid-November, gardening AND putting up Christmas lights. BUT FOLKS, we live in the middle of Oklahoma and less than a week ago we had the wood stove blazing as self defense from the cold and to divert our attention from the frost on the ground outside!! Granted we are being warned that tonight will get VERY COLD and the next few days will also be VERY COLD, but today, November 19 in Stillwater OK felt just like a normal SW Louisiana day. We thankfully used it accordingly. After checking all the light strings from last year, replacing bulbs and opening a few packages of new strings, the lighting project began. The kids LOVE to get up on the roof and decorate. Yes its a little scary up there: two stories high spots and all, but a lot of flat places too. ANYHOW, as the Blessed Bunch decorated two stories up, I dug and ripped and pruned, and moved old mulch to prepare the rose garden and the big main bed in front of the house for new spring bulbs. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!!! The new tulips, daffodils and crocuses are in, the grape hyacinth, hyacinth, paper whites, older tulips and snow drops are set, all is mulched and I CAN'T WAIT to see the flower beds in Spring 2009!!!!! BEST OF ALL, we should be able to share the beauty of the blooms and buds with Keren Jubilee and Levi Matthew as well as the rest of my Smith Soup bunch!! For now I will enjoy the lighted, festive view of our house, with its prepped flower beds and thank the Lord again for His many, many blessings!!! And lest I forget, we welcomed a new addition to Calico Acres Farm today: Jael's first 2008-09 Season show pig; a lovely little Yorkshire gilt ( FFA speak for a young , never been bred -white female hog). We have also, to the best of my knowledge , successfully bred two of our dairy goats and today introduced a yearling doe to the fine art of breeding with a stinky buck this afternoon . Bucks really do flat out STINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is that an OK way to end a blog entry? It seems a bit harsh , but this was my day: from the more sublime to the slightly ridiculous. Just let it be said , over and over again..I am living a blessed life!


Johnson said...

Thanks for your super sweet comments on my blog. Thank you so much for all your prayers for the project. We are really hopeing that some things can get accomplished while we are there.

Johnson said...

I meant while Jermey is there. haha I just wish I was going.