Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Its beginning to look as lot like CHRISTMAS...

or at least to sound like it!! I had to run something to Malachi at the university a little while ago. I left the kids doing various levels of language arts. I came home to find them still hard at work, but added to the home schooling scenario was music coming from the cd player in the kitchen..................CHRISTMAS CAROLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone was singing "Joy To The World" as they worked!!
My Blessing Bunch always amazes me and makes me so thankful I'm their mom! This morning before school we all went out to do the farm chores, and part of that today was to load the tractor trailer with feed forthe goat barn. Well it seems that Jael, working diligently on her pig pen in preparation for tomorrow's new arrival , used the tractor, and forgot to turn it off. DEAD BATTERY, trailer full of hundreds of pounds of feed to be put up. Whathappened next was jsut too cool not to share. Isaac, always the leader of the pack sent Noah in to get the girls who were finishing up dishes, so that he had a team. He lined everybody up on both sides of the tractor and they PUSHED IT TO THE PASTURE GATE..we are talking several hundred feet of pushing on uneven land, but push it they did! "NO Mommy . We're OK. Just open the gates!" We then unloaded the sacks, carried them together and filled the plastic containers which keep the mice out of the grains. They always smile when I pick up a 50 # sack of feed and haul it somewhere andI always smile when they do this kind of hard working team effort. Lesser kids would have left it till we got the tractor battery recharged. NO!!! They detatched the trailer and pushed the trator back to the garage and THEN set it up to recharge for the day. On the FIRST DAY OF PRE-THANKSGIVING / CHRISTMAS MY SAVIOR GAVE TO ME


Laurel said...

AWESOME story. Our family, too, is ALL about teamwork. Our kids know how to work together, and they even enjoy it much of the time.

Laurel :)
mama of 13

Jason and Erin said...

Love the blog! Congrats on the finalizations! We miss you and your kids TERRIBLY!!!