Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Naomi and Chuck . and life on a farm.........

Because it had been a quiet day with "only " a visit to the oral surgeon with Naomi to set up her surgery for 4 really bad teeth to be extracted, and my only unusual challenge was trying to find a way to get exception to policy for the surgery....... a YES to general anesthesia and a NO to local: the"standard policy for less than 6 teeth being taken out at once, regardless of patient age or condition" So a pretty quiet day, until it was time for Jael and Naomi to go feed the horses. Chuck, our 3 year old gelding got a bit ever- excited at the sound of feed in a bucket and ran up to the girls so quickly that he didn't see Naomi (we think!) and he nearly ran into her whole tiny self!! As it was, quick thinking Jael grabbed her little sister out of the way, just in time for Chuckers to "only" step on Naomi's leg! Cleaned up, iced, elevated, motrin given, and prayers said , I was able to assess that there was mostsurely a break in there somewhere. She is black and blue up to her knee, and all across the foot itself, her ankle is quite large. Knowing our small ER department, I knew that it was pointless to make a late evening visit for something unadmittable and hence which our insurance would not cover. We waited until yesterday morning to go see the doc who sent in a very skeptical PA. Naomi was toughing it out and walking, albeit gingerly, on her foot. HOWEVER.............I have not yet in all my years of gauging breaks versus sprains or whatever, missed a call. I have gone in when I knew something was not broken just to get that verified for the sake of my athletic kiddos and to establish a health history, but so far, 100% accuracy in my calls. YES, there is a break the x-ray shows, and a bone fragment floating around in her ankle area as well. Sweet Naomi was crushed that it was broken; she did not want to see another doctor. Now sporting a half cast and on limited activity levels, she is better today about it all. Friday we will see the orthopedic doctor and get further assessment and plans of action.
This is her week for doctor stuff for sure!! Tomorrow she has to see her peditric gastro-enterologist for her twice yearly assessment and lab work for her Hep B.
We decided to put off the oral surgery until the foot issues are resolved, as well as the insurance issues. I cna't imagine that it is not "standard" policy to allow a small child to be asleep when they remove 4 crumbling molars which are going to need cutting out and stitches. I am very thankful for insurance in any event buthave to question the logic of anyone who would not even offer that general anesthesia option for a child, even in a business which is all about making money and saving money. They will let me have 3 rounds of attempted in vitro fertilization at 100 % and my tiny daughter can't go to sleep for oral surgery. Where is the financial efficienecy in THAT?????????????????????????? But I digress...........
The new dishwasher was purchased yesterday and will go in this week sometime.
Just one more day in Calico Acres paradise. God IS GOOD ALL THE TIME and my heart WILL choose to say "Lord blessed be Your Name!"

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Jill said...

Oh my - poor Naomi!

Praying that her ankle feels better and heals quickly!

Praying for the insurance company to pay for what is needed and necessary!