Sunday, October 5, 2008

Another new ingredient, but not a child!!

Our sweet daughter Esther suffered the loss of her puppy, Peyton Manning the Corgi this week, after we optimisitcally thought he would survive the car accident earlier in the week. Dear Charlie tried CPR, everything he knew to try when Peyton began to be unresponsive but to no avail. Esther was crushed at the loss of this dog as we have lost several dogs this year and she has also lost several friends to tragic accidents this year as well. God stepped in so quickly and seamlessly; this kind of took my breath away! A friend emailed me to ask (the next day) if it was too soon for Esther to want to think about another dog, and IF NOT, would Esther want either a mixed breed dog or a year and a half old SAINT BERNARD? She had a friend who needed to re-home these two pets over city pet number ordinance violations she had no idea she was committing and if Esther wanted either , she'd be willing to help get a dog or dogs to us. WELL! Shannan is in north Texas and we are in central Oklahoma! What a sweet offering she had made ! The best part was that she had NO IDEA that Esther has talked about getting a Saint Bernard since she was about 5 or that her boy friend told her he'd get her one when he found out about Peyton Manning !!!!!!!!!!!!When I asked her , I don't think I knew that eyeballs could get so big! YES YES YES she decided after a bit of thinking it over. This afternoon Shannan, her son Jacob, and "Barney" drove 2 1/2 hours and so did Esther and I to meet and facilitate the adoption of Barney from Jamie to Esther to begin his new life as Esther's long awaited "Walter". Shannan and I have been internet friends up to this afternoon. Today I was SO blessed to spend wonderful face-to-face fellowship time with my friend, and all because while one little dog was coming home a little too slowly from a fishing trip, another dog was needing to find a new jumbo sized dog-loving family. IS that not just God caring for detail?!!
I knew that Walter was a big boy when we met him, but I had NO IDEA how big until we got him home and introduced him to our 65 pound Golden Retriever and all of a sudden the Retriever who has been our BIG DOG for 4 years seemed VERY VERY SMALL! Walter is probably at least 150 pounds ! He is adorable and sweet and very well mannered and so far so good as far as he and Aslan making friends.
I still don't have a working dish washer, but I am believing that the right bargain is waiting forus this week! Praising God for His new mercies on us today, and for His blessings!!!

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Jill said...

ONLY GOD! I'm so happy for Esther!

I love how God weave's us together for such a time as this. He brought your friend into your life for probably this purpose. How cooL!

I pray one day, I won't just be an email or prayer group friend but one who gets to hug your beautiful neck!

Praising God for all the work He continues to do working all things together for His glory through your family!

Lots of love,