Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My heart WILL choose to say "Lord blessed Your Name!"

So, the water is fixed and I am so thankful for that, and relieved for Charlie who didn't have time to fix it again, or the budget-stretch to pay a plumber to fix his "oops". We are still playing catch up with the wash, got the sinks cleared and clean ...YAY!!! but didn't quite get to the floor mopping yet. Sunday night I was processing goat milk, took a step to one side of the kitchen island and slipped hard on a puddle of slopped dog water (THANKS Walter!!!!!!!!!!!) I landed so hard on my left forearm , I actually cried and I do NOT do that often.............. over pain. My standard "OH FIDDLE DE DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" just didn't cut it this time. I iced it quickly but pretty much that helped me realize I'd landed on my hip and my wrist too. I can't say I'm sure I broke something in my wrist, no swelling or bruising, but super stiff and painful. Come to think of it, feels a lot like my left arm, my shoulder and my hip do. Since I am so undecided on the broken diagnosis,that probably means its not broken. Remember I said I had a 100% accurate call record on broken bones when Naomi broke her leg? Good thing for more than two of us because Malachi fell pretty hard playing basketball Friday night as well and we are keeping a close eye on HIS wrist!!!! Anyhow........last night the hip, my shoulders and my wrist were pretty sore. Naproxyn sodium is good stuff...........God is better!
This morning I'm a bit stiff but I am feeling confident enough that I will go ahead and bowl with my league tonight. What's the worst that can happen, I can drop my average a few points?
Can you say "ATTACK"!!!!!!!!!?? Every day it has been some kind of something since we accepted our referral for Diamoh and Junior ,and things had started even a bit before that when we were still praying where and when and who. When I was drawn to the name Keren from the story of Job, I was not really planning on reenacting his story!!!! LOL!!!!
I have been singing that song "Blessed be Your Name" for weeks now and the lyrics are SO pertinent for me to life in this wonderful "pot " of "Smith Soup"!! "My heart will choose to say 'LORD BLESSED BE YOUR NAME'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
will continue to be my song, my stand , my claim and my challenge to the circumstances.

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love2bmom said...

I am praying for your complete healing in JESUS' NAME!!!!

I don't like to fall down, it HURTS!!!! :)

much love,