Monday, September 15, 2008

Its beginning to look a lot like.......ADOPTING!!!

.....starting with the email this morning from our social worker that our home study will be completed no later than Wednesday morning but more than likely TOMORROW (YAY HURRAY and PRAISE THE LORD!!!) to meeting with my friend who is coordinating our Tupperware fund raiser,to getting an email from ANOTHER friend, who is a rep for a home decorating catalog company, has also offered to help with a fund raiser in her business !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just felt so blessed and so loved to have friends who are working to help their family incomes as reps for their respective companies offer to help US!!! It was pretty exciting this evening to send out the email invitations to my communities to particapte in our two-week long Tupperware campaign, AND to get responses so quickly! (Details tba on the home decorating party schedule)
There has been fund raising going on for awhile, but this is the first PUBLIC-involved fund raising.
I have two more , yes, OK, three , goats still to sell and any money we make there will be Calico Acres Farm's contribution to the Adoption Fund. Two are going to sell soon; I have a buyer just finishing up his fence so he's ready for them. My other side effort is that any money from refunds or rebates on anything go into THE FUND.
I am praying that God will be glorified in our efforts as He guides us and that He bless all those who would help us with putting the funds together, so we can together celebrate the home coming of the newest "ingredients in Smith Soup: " our new little girl and boy.

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The Blaske Bunch said...

Linda and family! We are excited about the arrival of the Homestudy! YEAH GOD! You amaze me in your diligence to persevere and press through the large amount of paper work it takes to do adoption in your family. I learn more and more from you each day! Thank you for being a Beacon of Light!