Wednesday, August 20, 2008

One more reason to love my life!

Being part of the international adoption cyber community is so fun!! Some times ones cyber friends become face to face friends. We were blessed with a visit from fellow Cambodia and Vietnam adoptive family friends the Brenner family: Mike , Susan, Zach, and KallieAnn who live in California. Its becoming a sort of tradition that when they are one one leg or the other of visiting relatives in our part of the country, we have been able to get together. We have a lot in common, from similar aged bio children with similar interests to similar age/gender adopted children and of course the COUNTRY ties which bind us are special too. They are also believers so we have EVEN MORE to share together. This time Susan's husband Mike got to meet my Charlie too. Last time they were here Charlie was on Part 2 of his second Iraqi tour of duty.
It rained so the kids didn't get to ride the horses or mess with the goats but they had a grat time just hanging out and getting reacquainted. The time for them to leave came far too quickly. We could have munched brownies and water melon far later into the night if it were not for that drive -back thing!!!
Susan and I "met" through the agency group from which we both adopted our Vietnamese daughters, but then got double introduced when we discovered we were both members of a prayer and fellowship group called PRAISEmoms.
God has blessed me with some fantastic friends since I got over feeling that I didn't need a computer!!!!!!!!! GREAT LAUGH TAKING PLACE AS I TYPE THOSE WORDS!!! I have had the awesome privilege of meeting a number of my cyber friends and while cyber is not "second rate" by ANY stretch, it is certainly a great perc when face to face visits become a part of any relationship. I know all too well that many of my cyber-met friends I will not phsically meet this side of Glory. (OK, I won't really meet them physically there either will I?) I am just taking this moment to thank my Heavenly Father for His blessings to me in the way of the wonderful friends He has led me to, and in the variety of ways He has brought them! A big part of why my life is so great, in my mind, is how long my list of blessings is when I start counting my friends!!!!!!!!

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