Monday, August 18, 2008

I am going to be a GRAMMA again!!!!!!!!!

Yes I am!! Hannah and Jon are expecting our next grand child on about April 20, 2009!
As iwas talkin to our Ghana adoption coordinator on the phone Hannah calmly asked me to come and look at ehad her laptop in front of her so I peeked over as I spoke about home studies and our hoped for new children and OH MY.
Hannah said quietly but with a hint of amazement in her voice, "Am I pregnant?" and all I could do was hoot into sweet Carrie's ear," OH MY GOODNESS !! MY DAUGHTER IS PREGNANT! I AM GOING TO BE A GRAMMA AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
We may just have our own free lanced version of the movie
" FATHER OF THE BIRDE PART 2".........if our new Ghanaian children come home at about that same time! Our daughter Kari and I thought we had that worked out in 1999, but she had twins and I miscarried. Its OK.God had adopted chlldren in our future, we just didn't know His time frame rught then. What a great life where a mom of 14, gramma to 8 can be the expecting gramma again, while she is waiting for her own new children to be coming home!
So to Emily, Ethan, Zachery, David, Blake, Cody, Chloe, and Mady we will be adding Zoe Elizabeth or Eli David to our family tree.........newest neice or newphew to the as yet unidentified Keren Jubilee and Samuel Elijah !! I happen to know that son Caleb and daughter -in-law Courtney are hoping to add their own branch to the family tree soon too, so WHO KNOWS what all 2009 holds for the "pot" of "SMITH SOUP"??? God is SO SO good ...ALL the time!!!

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