Sunday, September 15, 2013

Packed and ready to leave for Guangzhou!

The internet has not been kind to me this week. It seems to be pretty good right now, in the middle of the day when I have not typically been in our  room (NOW I figure it out!!  If you want to blog about being in China stay in your room!!)
All of our documents are in order and done! I just  got the call that Levi's passport is READY for us to fly to Guangzhou this afternoon and everything else is copied , recopied  and ready to go get his visa and come home!!!!!
We have walked the neighborhood of our hotel a bit; we found KFC and yes, Walmart, a number of other fun stores and have successfully navigated the amazing perpetual labyrinth which is moto and auto traffic as pedestrians maneuver their way into it. Levi liked the hamburger  and fries I ordered from room service the other night so we ventured to KFC. OH YES!!!!! That too was a hit! While I will miss broccoli and other stir fried veggies for breakfast, I was amused that he took to the non Chinese cuisine so readily! We went to an aquarium yesterday, which kind of smelled like being in a large can of tuna , but was fun. I have to say feeding Koi fish with a baby bottle was a first AND a hoot!!!

While we were watching a seal show at the aquarium, Levi told our guide, "I am SO lucky!!" which she promptly relayed to me as he leaned over and gave me a kiss on the cheek!! He has bragged to everyone who speaks to him when we are out " This is my Mamma!!" I don't understand anything other than the word "mamma" but the beaming and the grinning and the happy faces of those with whom he speaks say it all in any language!!
We got to Face Time with HOME this morning for the first time!!! That was wonderful and much needed!!!   The next chapter of this journey is about to begin so I will close for now and next post will be from Guangzhou!!!!


Mama Ds Dozen said...

Yeah! Soooo.... happy things are going well!

Love & Hugs & Prayers,

Laurel :)

connie said...

I cry every time I read your posts about Levi's excitement to have a mama!!!!

Jennifer Leman-Nuest said...

Could you please contact me at I think our baby girl is at same orphanage!