Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Still no word from the IRS about the status of our tax return. The horror stories from other adoptive families keep coming and coming; I stop and pray that somehow they will get quick resolution and that we will get our return released as soon as the Tax Advocate  had indicated or sooner............ PLEASE LORD!!!
Today was the 21st day in Oklahoma with temperatures  over 100 degrees in a row. Absolutely incredible to be living through, I have to say. Several state governors have called for official Days of Prayer for rain. Our governor is among them. When I see these conditions around me  and read of the struggles in Africa of people who have it even worse, and who are dying from the heat , lack of rain and lack of food, I am so grateful for what we DO have, even in this heat wave . I am reminded to pray for others, and not to focus on ME. I/we  have it VERY easy compared to those who are truly suffering in the heat. Lord, are You coming soon?
I will see the orthopedic doctor  tomorrow to follow up on this shattered toe thing. The nail bed feels , well, dead. I "think" the nerves were crushed in the accident but  I am very aware of the sensations in my toe itself. Trustfully the bone pieces are calcifying their way back to each other in healing!!
Charlie, Gideon, Isaacand Isaiah went to Colorado for a long weekend of camping and fishing and mountain climbing. They got back way late last night after a wonderful 26th birthday trip for Gideon. They had a really great time together and made lots of wonderful memories. They tell me that in addition to camp sites there ARE  cabins to rent.............That would be MY  kind of camping, minus the snow, minus the fishing.  Nuff said???

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Ranee said...

I wish it were snowing here in Indiana! I much love it and would take it over the heat any day.

I am praying you get your tax return WHEN YOU WILL NEED IT MOST! Let's hope we see the logic in this when it happens! I am just thankful you have the air in now. I am struggling with window air units and the heat is not nearly as bad here, I'm miserable to say the least. Still I am trying to be thankful for that and pray for the people who may be out working or whatever and can't sit inside all day!