Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Newest photos of Junior and Diamoh

 Oh how I love new photos!!!!

Junior, age 11 1/2 with some gifts from home

Diamoh, 8 1/2...not quite my "little girl" any more
Praying daily, waiting, praying ,trusting God for our children as He sustains them in Liberia and as we all wait for THE  Day  that they are finally allowed to come home!!
Thanks so much to  our friend Eric for taking the time to take gifts to our children and their care taker, and to get photos for us as well!!
Just as I watched our Rachel grow up in photos from when we met her so long ago when she was barely three until we brought her home at age 6, we are watching Diamoh...baby teeth, loose teeth, no teeth, shy smiles and oh-so-serious  faces, smiles with teeth once again and the confident smiles and expressions  that have nothing to prove any longer. Junior's photos have less of a growing up story to tell although I do have photos of stages of his life where he added some permanent teeth in less obvious spaces than one would see watching the changes in a younger child's development. Both have changed so much and yet  so little since we first saw their faces so long ago in photos, and in person twice now. They are such beautiful strong children and how I ache that this "tween" stage of life when they need a mommy/mom daddy/dad to nurture and nurture them is passing by! Dear P. does such a great job with the children although she does tell me from time to time of "issues"  and we discuss how she handles them and that my message to our children is "OBEY P! She is telling you to do exactly what Daddy and I would tell you! She is teaching you just as we would be teaching you  here at home with your brothers and sisters." The ongoing relationship we have  is far from ideal, but until God opens the doors for us all, it is the relationship that we work to develop. Please pray for our children with us as we wait?


Jill Samter Photography said...

oh honey they are beautiful! love the new photos as well! praying with you daily!

love you!

Shonni said...

I do pray that they can come home soon!!

Kat said...

They have been on my prayer list, continue to be, and will be until they are home in your arms.