Friday, January 7, 2011

December 31 and today:only days since December 23 without a doctor in them!

I have been  SO  M I A. and I can see from the loss of followers  that when life gets so busy you can't blog about it, people go blogging elsewhere. Jael has now been blacking out for 3 +  months, and we are really no closer to a concrete diagnosis. Yesterday capped it all with a long black out on her first day back to school and a near trip to the ER  by ambulance.  In between her black outs,  my mom was hospitalized for a severe UTI  and kidney infection on New year's Day,,  the day she came home from the hospital, Gideon broke his foot, and Isaiah developed MRSA infection in his thigh and needed much intervention.  SO FAR TODAY no black outs, no doctor visits, and we do have an MRI  scheduled or Jael for next Tuesday. Jael and Isaiah have been at the doctor's office either together or on opposing days since December 23. Isaiah is needing a bit less pain med for his leg and the infection site looks to be improving!!!! How I praise God for keep ing me all together when the goings on around me are rather chaotic!!  Blessed be the Name of the Lord!!!
I  hope to have photos and fun things to share very soon with those of you who are still coming around to visit SmithSoup!


Bonky's Mom said...

I'll always hang around! Hugs--trusting God to move you guys through this season of chaos!

Love you!

Mama D.'s Dozen said...

So sorry that things have been tough. We are walking through some VERY tough stuff at our house. So. Not. Fun.

Big Hugs from Washington.

Laurel & the gang :)

Kat said...

I can NOT fathom...okay, as a mom of many I can a little bit and know just how exhausted you must be! Seriously! You are SOOO in my prayers for healing for your entire family AND that you have peace through the chaos. HUGS!!!!!

P.S. I will always "get" the absence. I miss reading your precious words, but FULLY understand.

ranee said...

When I think it's hectic here, I remind myself of your life, then take a deep breath! 2011 is gonna be a busy one for the Smith family, I do believe in so many ways!

travcat said...

You are amazing! Pleas share how you keep everything running so well!