Wednesday, December 1, 2010

We have a diagnosis for Jael. Meet Vasovagal Syncope

  Vasovagal Syncope

Jael has been diagnosed with a condition called Vasovagal syncope. Other names for it includes fainting, neurocardiogenic syncope and neurally mediated syncope.

Vasovagal syncope is not a serious or life threatening condition, but is in effect an abnormal reflex. This results in a drop in blood pressure leading to decreased blood flow to the brain resulting in dizziness or fainting. The resulting black outs, length of episode, locations during an episode, the activities engaged in at the time, these may certainly be dangerous however. Needless to say, Jael is not driving or going anywhere by herself.

OK. With normal efficient blood pressure and blood sugars on the low side of normal, Jael does not have a lot of blood pressure or extra sugar-powered energy to fight the vagal response and so the fainting happens, QUIKLY. The doctor has for now suggested and my research concurs, that we try to get her blood pressure up a bit for resistance. HOW? More fluid intake and more SALT. This is the ultimate irony for us as Jael has loved salt and all things salty for her whole life and we have worked very hard to direct her tastes into other herbal-flavored directions, with some success. Her response to the doctor's advice was priceless. "I've been preparing my WHOLE LIFE for this!" she delightfully exclaimed!

We are still keeping up with her blood sugars but not as aggressively; she is really working on higher fluid intake but that's tough because she is a water drinker already. Salt? Oh she is all about that aspect of managing her syncope and it seems to be helping. She went almost 4 days without a black out, two days were not so good but today has been a good day after she go through the early morning. She will see a cardiologist in mid month but our doctor consulted with him and we are following his advice to our regular doctor. Small meals and protein are helping too so the initial diagnosis of hypoglycemia has been helpful. The vomiting seems to be lessening as well and I was very glad to see that Jael had re-gained the 6 pounds she'd lost earlier on in this adventure.

Will she outgrow Vasovagal syncope or will it be her life long companion? We do not know. Vasovagal syncope may also slow down and seem to go away for long periods but return with no warning. It is my prayer that God will use this to make my daughter alarmingly and acutely aware of the need for a healthy life style and from there that He will choose to heal and deliver her. I know that having prayed for her since the moment I knew there WAS a baby in my womb in 1993, God has been setting His plan in motion for that wonderful baby's life. Born 5 weeks early and a respectable 6# 10 oz, Jael entered the world spunky and eager to experience everything around her without letting it get the best of her. Jael means "mountain goat" and her middle name Shamar is a Hebrew word that means a strong dedication or perseverance , to encompass like a hedge, or to protect. Jael possesses everything that her name might indicate and her responses to these health challenges are just as spunky. Not squeamish about sticking her fingers for blood sugars whatsoever, she also started a very accurate dairy of her sugar results and the episodes they involved. Her activity log was so very helpful to the doctors in assessing what all might be going on in her body. I was proud of her. I AM proud of her. She sometimes comes off as flippant about life, but I've also known people who, when diagnosed with an issue, sank into pity or sadness or depression. She has been very matter-of-fat about all of this and while she has admitted to me that she was scared, she has not let fear become a task master.We have had some very precious prayer times about her life and all of its details. Oh I know, There are children with issues far more chronic or threatening, but the risks of fainting anywhere at any time are pretty daunting and she has faced that risk with a true Shamar spirit. As her mom, I'd sure rather see that Shamar spirit put to use in some other area of life, but God is raising up a young woman warrior for His Kingdom and He knows best how to train THIS warrior as He gives a new kind of strength to her mamma!


His Hands His Feet Today said...

Praying for a complete healing and deliverance!

A. Gillispie said...

Praising HIM for the diagnosis for Jael! And praying that He chooses to completely heal her or use her testimony for His glory!

ElizabethB said...

I was diagnosed (eventually) with postural syncope and after trying conventional medicine like steroids & beta blockers (neither of which helped), I prayed & researched natural alternatives. The Lord led my mother to find books by Adelle Davis that referenced that real licorice root and blackstrap molasses would increase low blood pressure. We found the root in caplets at Akins & after experimenting with the dosage level I noticed a marked improvement after about 2 weeks. Much more effective than just the high-salt diet my doctors had said to try. I'll pray that God will heal her fully.