Thursday, December 23, 2010

Cowboys, baby goats, Christmas and life in my fast lane!

Naomi, Gideon, Charlie and me in Dallas
What ?  No partridge in our "pear tree" ?

Only at our house...............

Bueller, the kicker who kicked the winning field goal, practicing . We were REALLY this close! NO ZOOM NEEDED!

I guess it's common knowledge that I am a sports fan with my boys, and Naomi. Gideon got us awesome, wonderful Field level passes for the Dallas game last week. He is probably Dallas' greatest Oklahoma-based fan and he was thrilled to be able to get those passes for Charlie, Naomi, himself and me. Dallas Cowboys stadium is beyond description and the fun of being there, so close to the players and the game was probably a once-in- a-lifetime-experience for us. A funny side story is that here at home, we've gotten passes to a number of the OSU Cowboys' games and unfortunately the last 4 games I attended, our Cowboys lost. Gideon is friends with several of the players and they jokingly ( I hope!! ) told him that I personally was the football-jinx. In fact when they were losing their last game, a couple of the players called Gideon and asked him if I were at the game. I was not. With that and the win of the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday, I am declaring myself officially exonerated of that funny allegation!! We got some fun photos, got autographs of some players and Jerry Jones the Dallas owner, and Naomi got her photo taken with ( I am not familiar with some of the names here) Leon Lett and some other multi-Super Bowl game winners. Gideon was just as happy as could be showing us around the stadium and hanging with NFL players. We even were on TV briefly during the the lower right side of your TV screen if you happened to be watching.........being right at the railing of the field level puts one right at camera guy-level! Got a kiss from Rowdy, the mascot at half time too!

And in the midst of that, I was sad as well as excited. How much money spent on this place, and these players, food, drink, parking, mementos, and all of that.the opulence of it all......and I thought of how many really REAL and ETERNAL things could happen with that kind of money put into REAL and ETERNAL investments. Hearing the crowds cheering and hollering ( and I do my share believe me!) made me think of what heaven may just sound like when we all shout "HOSANNA" and "GLORY TO THE LAMB" "WORTHY IS THE LAMB WHO WAS SLAIN!!" and calling out the Name of JESUS. I was quite sidetracked by those thoughts a number of times, and wishing I was in heaven shouting my praises to my Father..........................................

One of our goats totally unexpectedly gave birth to a baby this week. Yes that happens when an excited buck jumps a fence. Goats are not in season all the time, but they sure get that way easily. apparently the smell of a nearby buck will trigger "heat" and apparently it DID!! I knew the buck had jumped the fence; we are awaiting triplets any day now from that adventure, but Daffodil was really a surprise and little Pansy is certainly a cutie!

With as much as is going on around here with Jael's ongoing medical saga, and doctor visits, I have not gotten the Christmas decorating or baking done, not all my shopping either........... this morning I was on the phone with a friend and happened to look at our Christmas tree. I set it up last week, just have not put any ornaments on it. It had ornaments which totally cracked me up!!!! Atop our tree is a turtle shell, completely intact, minus the turtle. Yes a turtle shell. My boys had sport with the tree and there is also a chicken egg, pierced with an ornament hanger hanging on the tree. Some "Real ornaments" are there too, but the egg shell and turtle shell made Smith family history!

Christmas this year is different in that we decided to replace our really old and very badly decomposing TV set. I braved the Black Friday shopping and got a super deal on a TV . Family shopping done. It still needs to be set up but that is not my domain. I also got my husband something that requires my driving quite a ways for the pick up and which I truly believe will blow his socks off. I will spill the beans tomorrow after it has been delivered. He will get it a bit earlier than we would normally open gifts but that 's just how it has to be. HOPE WITH ME THAT IT DOES NOT RAIN????????????

Some of my baking is completed , some just messed up. WHY did the brownies stick to the pan that I know I greased? Kids had brownie crumbs with ice cream for breakfast just now, coz that's how we roll! Pecan pie gifts are underway, more cookies to follow AFTER "the gift trip".

I am giggling and "ho ho ho-ing" like crazy ....should be a really fun Christmas on the gift side. Hoping that my precious Liberian children have a special Christmas too... we sent their money long enough ago so that shopping could take place there too. Dear Junior asked me for new shoes as the ones I gave him in June have gotten too small. THAT thrilled me : he is growing, he has enough food to eat and he is GROWING! Thank you dear Heavenly Father for that! We will be trying to call them tomorrow and or Christmas; you never know if the phone lines will be working or jammed or what. TRUSTFULLY this is the very last major holiday we have to be apart from Junior and Diamoh!


Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

So glad you all had fun! Oh how I long to be singing His praises in heaven! Glorious!!!!!

Praying for your trip and gift giving!

Love you and miss you!

Emma said...

Wishing a very blessed, happy and merry Christmas to you and all your Smith soup family! and yes, it's gonna be great in heaven. for so many reasons :)

E x

Ranee said...

Merry Christmas To You and Your Entire Family! I saw that surprise gift on facebook and have to say Sydney screamed in excitement that you actually did that for your husband so I can imagine what his reaction was!!!!

My baking has been hit and miss this week too, wonder what is up with that?

So glad you had some sports fun...I totally get you about that stuff though. We are die hard Colts fans, and always love Indiana sports, but my heart aches that we've cut libraries in the state to the tune of them almost shutting doors, yet the Pacers got a new scoreboard at the state's expense!