Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Two photos I really like!

Noah,  13, Isaiah 12 and Isaac 14 1/2,   three of the blessings that make my Thanksgiving so rich!
They are so busy so much of the time, its hard to get a photo of them standing still!

My beautiful Leah age 14 1/2 who only recently let her face any where near a camera.


Allyria said...

Oh my goodness! Leah is gorgeous (and that is a great photo to boot!). The boys are so funny in that shot. I can't get mine to stand still long enough either.

Ranee said...

I'm not sure I'd let Leah near a camera either...she's gorgeous. As are most of your children and grandchildren that I've seen photos. You truly are blessed this year for that and so many other reasons!

Mylla said...


whenpigsfly said...

Leah took that photo, in the bathroom. How can anyone look that gorgeous at 14 when just playing around with a camera? I cropped but that photo is ALL my lovely sweet daugther!! Her daddy told her she may NEVER date and he is thinking seriously about burkas!!LOL!

Melissa said...

Your Children are beautiful!!!! I am praying for your family and Trusting God to bring J and D home soon!

Love in Christ,