Thursday, November 4, 2010

two more days

The weather looks like it is going to great for a wedding and like hats and gloves will not be needed! The bathroom is nearly finished. Only ONE  mishap! As my husband was lifting the toilet to put it on the pipe, it slipped ,dropped and broke.YES   the toilet. So in addition to new paint, new flooring  and new towel fixtures, we have added a new toilet to the list of things we bought  that really had nothing to do with a wedding but had EVERYTHING to do with having a wedding! I know our guests will thank us for having more than just one  working bathroom!!!
Yard is very tidy, no leftover blown get-away garbage along any of the  fencing, garage is swept and very neat, dining room is guest ready too
Tomorrow the rest of the  house WILL be dusted  swept, mopped and  vacuumed. The windows WILL be washed. Green beans are being prepped for my new Paula Deen stock pot and the bacon which will season them. All 70# of meat are smoker ready too. One of our afternoon jobs will be to pierce and wrap 40# of potatoes so they are ready to be baked.  We will assemble flowers  and make little bags of rice and bird seed to throw at the newlyweds. LOTS OF  TEAM WORK stuff to do!!!
I am quite sure that the baked tilapia, rice, and mixed greens I prepared for dinner tonight are a great  THANK YOU for the work done today and  motivator for tomorrow's hard work to be well done!!! it couldn't hurt any way, right??


Ranee said...

Yay Paula Deen stock pot! They always say weddings are a ton of work, I guess you never really know that until you are the mother of the bride!!!

Hope it all goes well for the happy couple and I have to say I envy your weather. It is officially snowing in Indiana!

LisaShaw said...

I'm sure everything will be wonderful!!! Praying for you now...