Saturday, November 13, 2010

There is life after a wedding!

I am so thankful that Esther' s wedding was LAST Saturday and not today.What a difference a week makes in the climate of a place! Last week we had those odd but -oh-so-welcome 70+ degree sunny days and this week we had more normal 40s and 50 with rain and mud . While its sunny today, it's pretty hilly and rather muddy. It would not have been the awesome setting for a late autumn wedding as last Saturday was.
SO............... what did we do today , a week after THE  Wedding and all the busyness involved therein??
Our dear friends who live in Tulsa have a Khmer daughter who is right between our youngest daughters' ages and she got to visit for the day while her parents were doing other "grown-up"stuff here in Stillwater. We don't get to see any of the Gillispies often enough but when the girls get together, excitement mounts for days and fun is non-stop when they are together! Taevy got to visit with Naomi and Rachel today and it was a fun day!
They went to assess the goats and the kittens (who were born when Taevy and her sibs spent two weeks with us in late spring) gather eggs from the hens, they rode bikes, they ran and played, inside, they ate our usual friend Ramen lunch with cabbage and sliced meat and we baked white chocolate hip macadamia nut cookies. I assigned measuring duties to each of the three girls and we added and added to my industrial strength Kitchen Aide mixer until we had an incredibly delicious cookie dough which made a wonderful bath of cookies! Granted the girls lost interest in the spooning of dough onto cookie sheets and waiting for cookies to get done, but we had a great time with the assembly process, at least I "think" we did!

\Naomi and the afternoon's  gathering of eggs

Taevy going to gather eggs with Naomi

Taevy and Naomi

Sweet Taevy brought me a new piggy for my ever-expanding collection too. SO cute!!! A pair of piggies side by side who immediately got the place of honor on my kitchen window sill .
I got another unexpected piggy gift this week too! My cyber -friend Kerry whose little boy Teddy I got to meet when I went to go get Daniel sent me a wooden plaque which simply states WHEN PIGS FLY. That new addition is now parked in front of my cookbook collection.
THANK YOU TAEVY and KERRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Daniel was having a really good day today and while its hard for me to hold him, coax a smile or two out of him AND get those smiles and laughs on camera, today I really DID IT!!!! AS my spaghetti sauce simmers for family dinner later tonight, I will hopefully get some photos to upload. Face Book and my slow computer just could not get them uploaded. I hope Blogger has better "luck"

Taevy, Rachel and Naomi enjoy the fruits of our labor

Blue bow  Pink bow  Piggies from Taevy

"  WHEN PIGS FLY  " from Kerry!

Something made Daniel just burst out in loud laughter!

Daniel and I were talking; he was smling and telling me all kinds of things!

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Ranee said...

Love the pictures, that pair of piggies is so cute as are all the kiddos.

Linda you really have to start sharing more recipes with us! I love it when you share food things,and I'd love to try out some of the things you talk about. You make some of the most interesting things sometimes!