Friday, October 1, 2010

Surgery....Scoobey Doobey DO YAH!!!

We  are praising God that Daniel's surgery was uneventful, uncomplicated and so far Daniel is doing very well. THANK YOU for your prayers for our precious baby boy! He is still sound asleep, and heavily sedated  but we've reaffirmed that he is definitely conscious, not  in a coma! His tummy looks like a 4 year old got loose with a box of bandaids because of the laparoscopy incisions on his tiny tummy, and in the  middle of the bandaids is his new Mickey Button.

Keeping warm!!!

My sweet baby boy!

Scoobey Doobey DOO-YAH! Daniel has  a Mickey Button!
No more traumatic feedings!
We have not used it yet, but will give him some Pedialyte a bit later in the afternoon. When Daniel had the shunt surgery we discovered just how inadequate Daniel's thermo-regulatory capabilities were when he got so chilled internally that it took us hours to warm his core temp back up to normal. Even Sunday when the outdoor temps dropped  in Oklahoma, our house chilled and so did Daniel. We need to be very mindful  of the temps and how they affect him. With the last surgery showing us how careful we have to be with Daniel, the staff were super about getting Daniel warmed before the surgery and keeping him warmed during and afterward. He's been awake a little bit now, in and out, his nurse was quite happy to see that  he had a nice wet diaper! Next we need to see that his intestinal system starts up again (you know...gas, maybe some BM...) and then of course make sure that he tolerates the feeding tube feedings.
We are so thankful for how well Daniel has done with both of his surgeries! God certainly has a plan straight out of Jeremiah 29:11 for him,"...plans for a hope and  future............." We have been able to share parts of Daniel's story with many people, and every time to give God the glory for sparing Daniel's life until He could put us together with this special baby and become his forever family.How  "funny" that I just said that because the Chaplain just came in to ask if he could pray for Daniel. I ended up sharing Jesus with him!! He was raised in India  as a hindu but became  Christian as a teen, he explained to me.
He stayed and shared some things with me,but then asked me lots of questions about my faith and how God gives me strength for my life. My mention of goat farming led to even more conversation and I suspect that we will be seeing him again!!! It makes me smile to see how God has used our goat farm to make new friendships and provide opportunities to share our faith!
Daniel is waking up a bit more and was pretty alert. We gave him some morphine for pain. He really did seem to be hurting since the caudal anesthesia wore off (kind of like an epidural for labor and birth) and back to sleep he went!  He is however  now wearing his big bulky warm OSU orange and black socks, even though this is OU territory and OU / OSU are fierce rivals!

OSU socks!


Denise said...

So happy he did well in surgery!The mic_key has been a wonderful thing for our son.I know it will be for Daniel.Praying he tolerates everything well and is on the road to recovery quickly.

Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

Wait until I tell Scott you have that song on your blog! LOL!

It is a family favorite :-)

So glad we got to talk - I loved hearing your voice and knowing God is with you all! Excited to hear that our little man is doing so well after surgery too!

praying for you and him now!


whenpigsfly said...

Thanks Denise!! Having had experience with feeding tubes and "Mickey buttons" and I am very sure feedings will be so much more pleasant for Daniel and for me too! Jill, assoon as I saw those bandaids, my musically wirede brain went immediately to that fun song! I had forgotten that Chris Rice had sung it. I usually think of him with "Untitiled Hymn" which is SO different in style from "Cartoons".
Glad it was available for my playlist, at least for a little while!