Sunday, October 3, 2010

The latest update is not making me smile...

Well, we are not released and its 6:30 PM. The resident said just now that they want to keep Daniel one more night "to observe him". He has taken his tube feedings, he is peeing and passing gas, no fever, no vomiting...everything they told me he had to do and not do. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I am waiting for them to make rounds so I can ask them in person why we have to stay when we have been told since Friday morning that if these things were good, we'd go home on Sunday, and why they told me this even this morning. Even the nurses who were prepared to discharge him are confused because Daniel has done so well.
I did get to share some good fellowship with the Sunday chaplain a  little  while ago. I had a nice visit
with the  other chaplain last night, but this visit was fellowship,and after we'd talked for a while, he asked f he could pray for Daniel and for our family and we prayed together...That was very welcome!!! I love being able to share our story  because I  love what God has done  and continues to do in our family, every chance  I get and I think that God used us to really encourage both of those men to follow after what God had for each of them. I'll stay an extra night if there is someone else that God might use me to encourage!!1