Saturday, October 2, 2010

I just love my baby boy!

I am so thankful that he knows my voice so that when he is afraid or hurting it really does calm him when I stroke his face or his hair, sing to him or pray over him. Yes it makes me feel good that I can minister to his needs,  but more than that,  I am so thankful that I am able to minister to him!  I am glad that he feels ministered to and loved on.How scary must it be, no matter how much brain material one has or does not be in the dark all the time, be in a place which smells totally different from home, to have pain all over  his belly, no food for more than a day and a half, even if getting that food  into his belly was pretty crummy, to hurt too badly for his mommy to pick him up and hold him when he is used to be held a LOT. I always speak to him before I touch  him and  I always touch his arm or leg before I do anything to or with him. MOST of the staff do not. They come in, start to poke and prod and give little thought to Daniel THE PERSON. They are quite nice, but are very obviously not used to thinking about a blind, brain challenged baby's responses to their approach or activities.  I am sure someone silently removing YOUR covers off of your body in the dark would be unnerving to you   but you, or I could say "What do you need?" and have some understanding of our surroundings.When I see any staff coming to do anything , I try to jump up and be right at bedside to talk to Daniel and touch him before any assessments start.
BUT, the kind student nurse did turn the lights out so Daniel "could go to sleep"!  Somehow I don't think he noticed that. He is having a good night. I am so very thankful for how strong and healthy  Daniel's body is. He is a very precious treasure who shows me more of what makes him precious every day. Dear Heavenly Father, THANK YOU for Daniel and thank You for bringing him through these surgeries so that we might have more time to love him!

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Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

You are such a good Momma!

Praising God for His knowing how perfect you would be for Daniel!

Praising God for the love He continues to pour in you and through you into Daniel!

Praising God for your witness to every nurse and dr. in the hospital!

Praising God for Daniel's life!

Love you,
PS Praying you home TOMORROW!