Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sharing a friend's blog post, and a Smith Soup update too

This  is so powerful and SO  my heart ! Thanks Amy for letting God flow through you to write this piece!!
While We Wait...

God continues to bless us as we trust  Him for "the things  hoped for,"   and "the evidence of things  not seen" !
Our 171 H,   that official US  government document which  grants  "Advance Approval to Adopt" internationally  was due to expire on June 17. We re-did the bio-metrics (ie  finger prints) which expired in February to extend the life of the document to make sure we were valid to get Daniel home. We started the home study update stuff "just in case" early June  flummoxed into later June and found us in a gray zone. For some interesting reason, the document itself is good for 18 months but the finger prints required to make it /keep it valid, are only good for 15 months.  USCIS does allow one "free renewal" of this (at least)  $830.00 document and I am not one to waste  ANYTHING. That said, when we were able to complete Daniel's adoption before that expiration date, I stopped moving forward with the renewal.... thinking we" would not need it,"  so  why pay for a new home study for  "nothing" . God please forgive me for that thought, I am truly sorry I thought or spoke those words!  They were not Your words! I nearly let 18 months of willing  opened opportuity slip though our fingers!! This is part of why Amy's post hit me so hard this morning. We ARE waiting and I very nearly gave away our   PAID FOR opportunity to adopt ! Fast forward from mid-June to late August...
 LO AND BEHOLD,  we got notice from USICS that they were unable to complete our renewal request for our 171 H  because the new home study had not been sent in.  Apparently when USCIS centralized the processing center for these documents, an extra 90 days was added on to the expiration date.  I had not seen this grace period  granted before in our  perpetual quest of  a valid 171 H!! The letter further explained that IF we get the new home study submitted by September  16 we will be renewed for 18 more months. I almost threw  the letter away the day it came, but "Something" ... THANK  YOU   LORD!!!!!! prompted me to put it on my "in" shelf...........................IN FAITH we updated our home study yesterday, while doing Daniel's "Post-placement" report interview (required by many countries of adoptive families) and were promised a new completed study in plenty of time to get a copy to USCIS to stay valid!!!!  When God opens up those necessary doors, the Smith Family WILL be ready, lamps filled and  lit, wicks trimmed, waiting to be told "NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Our Social Worker, Earlene is an amazing lady and we love her to pieces! We are , btw, her largest adoptive family, at the moment by one child. Here she is with the eight she had such a vital part in our being blessed to bring home!!She's holding Daniel, next to her is Naomi,  then Rachel and Isaiah . Behind her are Isaac, Leah, and Noah who is holding Grand baby Charlie

And because my friend Tammy sent him this outfit and I love it on him  here are few Treasu(RED)  photos of Daniel!!

Daniel is ticklish!!


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He is so precious! What awesome photos for your SW to cherish!

Love you!

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Mary Ellyn said...

I'll never understand why our fingerprints expire!! In this digital age there is no reason to redo except $$$$.

Sweet pictures of Daniel --- thanks for sharing!