Monday, September 20, 2010

Our anniversary happened this weekend too!!!

Saturday was our 28th wedding Anniversary. We celebrated the night before at a local steak restaurant, with rather disgusting results although the company  was sublime!  ( I  really  like dating my husband!!!)  our entire dinner was paid for compliments of the restaurant manager after not one, but two cock roaches crawled out of the food and onto the table. NEVER  has this happened to me in even the remotest of developing nation restaurants, or in my own home, I might add! 
 The day of our anniversary we hosted a luau birthday party for Grandchildren Mady turning 6 and Charlie who as I've mentioned  (maybe  ad nausem )  turned one and I think that a good time was had  by all!   The hostess of the party, and celebrant of that  28th anniversary, came home from  pre- party-prep errands to find:

They have blossomed beautifully and their aroma is nothing
short of heavenly!!
 Thank you dear Charlie, my dear husband!
 Party photos will follow later: AFTER Esther's wedding shower posting!

What a blessing to have special family events to celebrate all year long! Three more Grandchildren have birthdays this month, four children have birthdays in October, Esther's wedding AND her birthday are in November , as are my twin grandchildren's birthdays and one other grand son! Those lovely rose blossoms represent our years of life together and the awesome family which has resulted!
SO  happy  anniversary to US!!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy Birthday to DH  Charlie first and foremost, Grandbaby Charlie, Granddaughter Mady, Grandson  Bryden now 10 , Grand son Ethan now 17, Granddaugther Emily, now 19! A full quiver  AND a full flower vase! That's a great combination!


Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

What an amazing family legacy you are both creating and leaving behind! You are an amazing testimony of God's grace, faithfulness and love!

I cherish you!

PS I could almost smell the roses just looking at how beautiful they are. Amazing how our body can do that!

Ranee said...

You Are So Blessed!!!!