Thursday, September 9, 2010

Lagniappe, Part II

There was actually a bit more "Lagniappe" with which we were blessed this week. On Tuesday, not only did we see Daniel's Pedi-G-I doctor but of course had to do a weigh-in and length measurement. Daniel weighs the SAME NOW with 2 litres of fluid weight OUT of his head as  he did when he HAD that  2 litres of fluid weight !! My sweet boy is gaining weight: REAL WEIGHT!!! He's still a tiny man at 21.2 pounds and nearing 3 years of age, he is still comfortably in  a size 6-9 month sized shorts, and size 2  shoes but he is growing !!! I am full of praise over this!
 Naomi  also had her annual abdominal ultrasound to assess the status of her  internal organs as they deal with the climbing,  ongoing,  high numbers of Hep B virus circulating around in her body. The report was that everything is perfectly fine and a return visit is not needed until the end of the year or early start of next year. How we praise God that He is sustaining her and that He IS the one of Whose Son it was said " Even the winds obey Him!" Our God has dominion over every  virus and these too must obey His voice. The viruses didn't get into Naomi's body by accident. They had to pass before our Heavenly Father before they touched my daughter. I TRUST MY HEAVENLY FATHER. We knew that Naomi might do well, or not, when we accepted her referral 7 1/2 years ago, we've known  ever since. I can not imagine life without this precious treasure of a daughter. HOW could anyone resist "Mommy,guess what I want to do? Bake cookies with YOU!"

                                                    Watching a bird
                                                   Referral photo, of of the first two we ever saw           

But there is  MORE!  God really poured Lagniappe all around and over us this week!
In between appointments, Rachel, Naomi, Daniel and I had time for lunch at the Mall. Naomi asked if Rachel could come along for company, and since I am not one to discourage sister-bonding and since they love to be together anyhow, this was a good plan....Mall, lunch, maybe some shoe shopping?????  "Ouh ouh  OUH!!! Its OK if Rachel comes too?  THANK YOU MOMMY!!!" 
We got into the Mall elevator heading for the Food Court and shared the car with a young mom and her two small boys. Some small talkey something or another set us to talking  and she sweetly and so  gently asked, "So, what's your little guy's story?" I shared a bit about him and how we came to be blessed to bring him home. She asked, "Are you a believer?  A believer in Jesus?"  "YES yes  YES!!!!"  and the fellowship started in between the ground floor and the upstairs Food Court level of Penn Square Mall. She shared that  they had friends who were adoptive parents, that she herself had just returned from a mission trip to Haiti, they  live as far south of the mall as we do north..........all too soon the elevator came to a stop. We continued to talk as we apporached the Food Court when she asked me if she could pray for Daniel and us. FOR SURE!!!!!!  I don't know that anyone else has ever had Church ouside that Food Court, but this woman and I certainly did! She laid her hand on Daniel's head and prayed over him and his life , and his family, and it was beyond Lagniappe! There was nothing "little" about this "something extra"!
 Isaiah 52:7 came to mind as I thought of where we were, and the Good News being shared by my new friend and the Good News that Daniel's very presence brings forth!
How lovely on the mountains Are the feet of him who brings good news,Who announces peace And brings good news of happiness,Who announces salvation,And says to Zion, "Your God reigns!"

Daniel's "big"  size 3 shoes on his beautiful feet!

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Another awesome praise! God is so good all of the time!

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