Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I love car washes for fund raising! The fun and fellowship and the opportunities to share God's love while we WORK out  in public is just so  fun to me! I love running with posters along the streets with my children and their friends, love talking to people  about WHY we are washing cars to raise funds, love telling people "no there is no set amount. YOU give what you want to give" and seeing how God moves on hearts. I love the servant heart that this kind of fund raiser strengthens in my children. 
Tomorrow we will be washing cars to raise funds for food and clothing for our children in Liberia. We are trusting God for a beautiful day , like the one we are thoroughly enjoying today, praying  that God be preparing hearts and cars and sweet teeth, helping us who are baking to not over bake and not waste a single cookie by burning  or dropping or crumbling, but that we are able to be the best stewards of every facet of  this event that we  could possibly be! I'm praying over our attitudes, over each person who is going to come help, over those who have donated baked goods for us, donated supplies, over those who are prayting with us!
Orphans are so close to God's heart. His examples in scripture,after analogy of salvation to adoption make it so clear how special orphans are to Him. I know how  I "pound the table and weep"  over the children we have brought into our family, over those who I've specifically been called to pray into the families of others, AND for the families whose hearts need to be touched and drawn into adopting the millions of waiting children. IF I , a mere dairy goat farming, home schooling  mom,  have this much passion inside of me for these children, HOW MUCH DEEPER IS GOD'S PASSION!  "Loves like a hurricane...I ( and yes!!! the orphans)  am/ are  a tree, bending beneath the weight of His grace and mercy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "
If you know of a family who is fund raising for any stage or facet of an adoption, a program which helps families to adopt, if you are a family praying about adoption, or NEED to be,  please  do something about that this week? It does not have to be our family, but it certainly may be!!!  But seek what God would have YOU do for "the least of these" who wait: perhaps hungry, under-clothed, lonely, confused, but all loved of God even if they don't know it yet!

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Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

Praying for you!!!!

Trusting God with you for a great turn out and lots of tummies filled with your delicious baked goods! Can't wait to taste them myself!

Love you!