Saturday, August 7, 2010

Meeting friends When Cyber space becomes Air Space!

Meet my friend Kellie and her sweet awesome son Sutton! We've been "Cyberfriends" for several years, we've spoken on the phone  numberous times, shared prayer requests and praise reports back and forth in an online prayer and fellowship group but have never met "Face to Face" until today. Kellie and her husband  had a   family wedding to attend which was  so close to our home town, we really wanted to be able to greet each other in real live  huggy- person fashion.  WOW!!! I have the greatest friends on earth, I really do!!! Having lunch with Kellie and her menfolk was so special. Charlie and Shannon seemd to hit it off quite well, and Sutton was super sweet with Daniel too.Tortillas, chips, salsa, fajitas  and lots of tea  and Dr Pepper added to our animated lunch. Malachi and Sopheak came by too, Esther was our server.......before I knew it there were physical challenges being offered and bets taken over whether or not Kellie could indeed eat her weight in cheese and just who was more serious abour their tortillas. Our time together came to an end far too quickly, but was a get together I hope we will be able to recreate here again  and in Kellie's own neck of the woods!!
Pumped high on friendship,  I finished off my afternoon at the feed store buying farm supplies, returning those skirts and blouses we really didn't like  back to Belk,  buying  Mady's dress while thye still had ONE  in her size, returning  some unneeded wedding items to Hobby Lobby, buying additional needed items, on to Lowe's for a few things for Charlie, Walmart for some food, Wendy's for some pre-made dinner salads, pick up Gideon, go home  , cook dinner , feed Daniel, fix errors in my church music over head copy and send them off, play with Daniel while Malchi and Sopheak took most of the other kiddos to their house for movie and popcorn night, Esther popped over to ride horses with Naomi,  Played with Daniel some more. He has been more alert and happy today and more verbal than I have ever seen him!!! He has chatted and laughed and roared and had what seemed to be  a really great day!!! When we have his Mickey button and feeding tube, his life will be almost always happy. If  continued therapy can loosen up his tight limbs so that touching them  or stretching them to take off or put on clothing ceases to cause him the extreme irritation and pain we see now , I bet he will be laughing and talking even more! What a joy to have him so responsive. WHAT A JOY!


Ranee said...

My Goodness! I'm wore out just reading it!!!!

Soulds like a fun day followed by a fun night with baby Daniel. Hopefully you will get some news this week on the tube (crossing fingers for you).

Michelle Riggs said...

Glad you were able to have fun with your friend. I love it when cyber friends get to meet.

Praying Daniel will have his button soon.

We miss you guys!