Friday, June 4, 2010

Walking and leaping and praising God!

Yesterday we were denied the clearance letter we have to have to leave Liberia. It was not what we wanted to hear, but Melodie and  I recreated the whole ("missing" ) file to re-present this morning and she took it back to the official who needed to examine the documents and sign a final approval "release letter"  so that the officers at the airport will know we are totally clear and approved for departure. Our new file was accepted and we will pick up the letter this afternoon!**AFTERNOON UPDATE Praise God for this next good news: WE HAVE THE LETTER!!) I have contacted my travel agent to book our tickets and trustfully we will arrive home  late Monday night!***9PM update : WE HAVE TICKETS and we have a three-plane flight into Tulsa and not the original 4 plane flight with too many long layovers! God has been SO GOOD to us all week!!***
I have to share this  coz it is so cool!! There is a group of evangelists here at the guest house and they are from Nigeria, preaching  all week at a church here in Monrovia. On fire for the Lord and gifted anointed preachers all, they invited Kim (the other waiting mom ) and I to go to service with them last night. They also asked if we would speak ( Kim declined) and sing. I never turn down an opportunity to bless the Lord  or sing , so share a bit of encouragement I did and lead in singing  "I'm Trading My Sorrows'. WHAT A BLESSING THAT WAS FOR ME!!! The theme of that meeting last night was "no more sorrows"  so that song fit perfectly and the pastors were so excited that God gave me that one to share.  The key board player started to play and even though we had no "rehearsal" or run through, we were in the SAME KEY when I started to hum my notes and he started to play his chords. They didn't  know the bridge to the  song so that part they listened and really enjoyed the words...'Pressed but not crushed persecuted not abandoned, ...I am blesed  beyond the curse for His  promise will endure that His joy is gonna be my strength! tho the sorrow may last for the night His JOY comes in the morning!!"
It was beyond wonderful to worship with my African sisters and brothers in their style of worship and in the American way too. We all knew Great is Thy Faithfulness when Kim led it and that too was beautiful. The message was loud and powerful and while I didn't understand all the words becasue of dialect and accent and the mike system, the SPIRIT of the Lord spoke to me through the whole message. Our prayer time was incredible. The Bishop had everyone join hands with one or two  other people to pray as he directed for various topics. He had us to raise our hands several tmes as we prayed for HOLY SPIRIT FIRE       (wow that was powerful!!)  and to pray  "GRACE GRACE GRACE"
I know like any church there are poeple who come becuse its a place to go  or parents make the kids, or they go but are "cultural Chrisitans" rather than relationship with JESUS  Christians and I know that just like any church there are people who are going to fall asleep even in the most animated moments but God led me to reallypray that each person in that place would be drawn by the Holy Spirit into a true and living  growing relationship with God ,  that through His kindness they would be drawn to repentance , desiring real change in their lives. As America slowly denies her national pride and heritage, Liberia  is celebrating theirs. Signs  and billboards all over Monrovia proclaim African pride and liberian freedom and pride. Saturday is the church's day of prayer for Liberia and it was so exciting to see the people clamoring to the front to buy a Liberian flag to help commemorate the occasion. I am probably going to see other missionary friends later today so won't go back to church tonight but it was a night of fellowship I will never forget!
I'm ready to come home, ready to bring our new son home  but this has been a fantastic week of trusting God and seeing His hand at work!


Mom to 9 Blessings! said...


I can't wait to hear your voice!

I miss you and am so excited you are coming home with Daniel forever!

Love you and Praising God!

love2bmom said...

wow, beautiful!

Autumn Mist said...

What a wonderful time of fellowship. It is amazing to travel so far from home, to such a different culture and realise that God is there and we can worship him together - a foretaste of heaven, I think!

Amy said...

AWESOME!!! So happy you are bringing him HOME!!!