Wednesday, May 26, 2010

This was a full day!

Every day starts with farm chores,  Grand Baby Charlie arriving, and school happening. Today was also home study physical day for Charlie the Patriarch, and the 7 at home kiddos, AND the  CHILI'S fund raiser.
Added to  making and cutting fliers all day long was an unexpected trip to the orthotics shop to have custom arch support inserts casted for Isaac. What a fascinating 1 1/2 hours that was! I had no idea how all that kind of technology worked. I knew that it must, but I had never seen foot scans and all of that diagnostic equipment in use before. Hopefully this will help Isaac 's right ankle to be better supported when he is out on the tennis court lopping shots or the basketball court sneaking in and stealing a ball to sink a quick shot. He's been in increasing pain and our (previous) doctor assessed flat feet and simply said "quit wearing flip flops". The real problem is that his ankle rolls inward as he walks and causes a lot of torsion on the tendons which support his foot.    MUCH BETTER ASSESSMENT and diagnosis today. Plus everyone in the shop was so interested in our fund raiser that they asked for fliers and came right over to Chili's  when the shop closed!
Lots more paperwork done here today too. Malachi and I WILL be ready for our departures this weekend, I promise!
A bit of not -so-good news today was that when Daniel's birth certificate was printed up, my name was inserted backward and incorrectly . This was the only error the consulate found in Daniel's whole packet, which was GOOD NEWS, but we have to get the birth certificate redone and GUESSWHAT? You GUESSED IT! The passport man is out till the end of the week or Monday. TRUSTFULLY he will get the mistake corrected (why this was not caught in a review  for the couple weeks that the birth certificate was in existence, I have no clue) But what is not done  is  simply  not done.
From the updates I got today about Daniel and the report Hannah brought from the doctor on Grand Baby Charlie's check-up , 2 1/4  year old Daniel and 8 month old Charlie are almost identical in size. Charlie at 29 1/2 inches  is  taller than Daniel by 1 1/2 inches! Don't know for how long, but they will be able to share clothing.  Both wear  12-24 month size clothing, each quite comfortable in 18 months most of the time.

WOW. From what the hostess told me they had a  great sales day all day. It was steady when I stopped in to replenish fliers at 1:30 and still  steady when Charlie and I went in at 7. We saw lots of friends and friends of friends who all stopped over at our table to say hi and offer congratulations. Our friend Ron (who by the way helped with making the flier into a pdf  for me to share more easily) got the OK from management to  hand out fliers and talk to people as they entered the restaurant! He stood out there for about 4 hours!!!! It was quite warm today and several folks asked him why he'd stand out there in the heat all that time. He gladly told them about Daniel. One woman sharply told him there were plenty of babies to adopt in the USA, but when he responded that THEY can get health care, she stopped in her tracks , said "OH!!" and took a flier! Ron by the way lost his leg to a severe fall several years ago and has a state- of- the- art titanium leg which he decorates in very colorful ways to dress up a pair of khaki shorts in his own unique way. It was pretty cool to have Ron out side Chili's advocating for Daniel!
I won't know the total donation till sometime tomorrow but I suspect it was generous! We are rejoicing  in the support of our community!!To those of you who donated via the DONATE button here,  thank YOU so very much too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I won't leave the button up past tomorrow I don't think.
We replaced the power cord on my mini laptop computer tonight  (Hannah's mini Schauzer chewed up the original) so I am guaranteed computer access while I'm in Liberia. Was not sure that was the whole problem but it seems to be. Little whew!!
Tomorrow: start over, pick up letters from kids' doctor for home study, plug in some financial numbers on the app, fill in addresses of references,  MAIL IT ALL OFF to our SW, make a big pot of barley soup for next week while I'm  gone, START PACKING, and organize documents. Folks have sent things for me to bring over, and I have a few things to pick up for our missionry friends but there is not much more to gather/buy, its just  time to assemble .
Malarone tab #2 tonight so three more days until I LEAVE FOR DANIEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mama D.'s Dozen said...

So excited for you!

Just want to tell Malachi that we are sooo... excited for him, as well. We will keep him in our thoughts and prayers as he travels. (You and Daniel don't get all the prayers, you know.)

I sure enjoyed visiting with Malachi last fall, and am so excited for all that the Lord is doing in him and through him. Big hugs to Malachi!!!

Laurel :)

Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

Praise God for your day and trusting the BC to be fixed quickly and not hold you up in Liberia!

Praying for your travels and Malachi's!

I'm going to miss you and can't wait to see Daniel home in your arms forever!

Praising God for the provision coming your way by the people who got it at Chili's!

Love you,

Kat said...

I can't believe it! No wait...I can!!! God is just so very good! I am celebrating that the time has finally come!!! WOO HOO!!! We will be praying!!!!

Ranee said...

Glad I got here in time for the donate button to still be around. I emptied my paypal account into your paypal account, I'm just sorry it wasn't more plentiful!

I'll be thinking and praying about you guys while you are gone, any updates coming our way while you are in Liberia?