Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Leaving Saturday!

What a whirlwind week this has been!!  Malachi leaves on Sunday for Cambodia and I have been helping him organize paperwork for his fiance  visa, now i'm making sure our paperwork is all organized and in order too, AND our 171 H is on the verge of expiring  and that is a whole lot of paperwork too... A  LOT of paperwork:  home study update, doctor visits for everyone, back ground checks to send off, home study details to be interviewed about because the "freebie" 171h  update the government now generously offers requires that everything you need for a NEW 171 H  be re-done. I simply didn't know. I asked about what we neededto do to renew the 171 H when its related finger prints expired and we  re-did them in February. I truly thought I just  needed to request an extension; I sent USICS  a letter explaining that...weeks and weeks ago. Mid week last week USCIS  called me to say they guessed I didn't understand that I had to re-do everything. OYE! With less than a month till expiration???!!! Determined that this not be "Mission: Impossible" I scrambled into action and in 2 days had the required forms in the mail and the 8 doctor appointments lined out. I did mine yesterday and got my Malarone  meds and my bronchitis  meds too!!
Charlie and kids all get physicals tomorrow.  A bazillion copies of tax forms for Malachi , for me, for the home study app and we will be good to GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am so thankful for God's provision over Daniel! His passport interview is Thursday, our Visa appointment is Tuesday JUNE 1!!  The consulate and I have been in communicaiton over Daniel for a very long time and his wonderful response to my email over the weekend just sent me into more choruses of praise...Like  all the verses  of  DESERT SONG!!!(The desert,  the fire, the battle, the harvest. I will bring praise...I will rejoice God is my victory and He is here!!)  When he asked if we could do our appointment that quickly and asked that our in country agent bring all of Daniel's papers to him ASAP so he could get started., I was thrilled!! He didn't need the passport to start the visa investigation!!!   
It is my prayer that  I do not need to be in Liberia for the whole two weeks that I booked for. We are all eager to have Daniel home to start bonding and attaching to all of us and to get his medical care started! As long  as the passport is completed by our interview date for Tuesday, there is no reason for me to have to stay any longer than the weekend. I very well may be landing back home before June 7!
Why scramble to get that home study and 171H  updated?  The expiration date is SO close to Daniel's visa appointment that should ANYTHING  go amok, we will need that new documentation. IF we don't need it for Daniel....................well.................wink wink...................I was looking at my passport and thought that my Ghanaian visa expired this year, but NO! It expires next year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So CHILI's  fund raiser tomorrow, lots of fliers are out and about Stillwater, and we  are praying for a great turnout. A mistake on Daniel's plane ticket caused me a totally unplanned expsense. NOT my "fault"  but my responsibility, one more of those "one more things" that seem to pop up with consistent regularity...
Still to do?
Haircut,  nails, girl's haircuts
pay all bills for the next three weeks...just in case...
wash clothes and start to pack
buy diapers etc  for MY BABY
grocery shop for my at home family
MAYBE check with friends for a suitcase since Malachi and I are traveling at the same time???!!!
So all that said, what does my day look like today?
Babysit Charlie, farm chores, hoem schooling,  take Jael for college algebra  CLEP test (she passed easily!) and back to school,
pick up Gideon and take him to hospital for x-rays :  turns out  he broke his foot playing volley ball yesterday, bring him out here to hang out and rest his swollen foot. Grandson Blake due here any minute, tennis at 6, family dinner at 7:30, mail gift to great nephew Tennyson (isn't that a cool name? Tennyson Daniel?!!!) and letter to MIL. Work on more paperwork while wathcing tennis.
PLUG HERE FOR A PRODUCT. I have been diagnosed with arthritis in my right hip, andscar tissue from a farm injury almost three years ago. Chiropratic didn't help any more  Motrin and Aleve were not  helping. It was suggested that I take Glucosamine and MSM.  I  found a liquid formula andstarted taking it three weeks ago. THIS STUFF WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am not limping all the time,  some days not at all, I am not in constant hip pain, I am sleeping better;  several days I realized , oh maybe about  lunch time  or so that I had NO PAIN AT ALL!!!!!!! My hip has been in increasing levels of pain for several months, like about  a 7 or 8  on that 1-10 scale the hospital staff ask about when one is a patient, and MY personal 1-10 is probably more like soembody else's 10-20, but life goes on. I am so thankful to have found  Wellesse Glucosamine MSM  Liquid! JUST IN TIME  for Daniel to come home!!!


Kat said...

Okay, I've been stalking your blog (just signing on this week to check) to see if there was any news or a set date and...ummm....YIPEE!!! WOO HOO! Finally Daniel is coming home! PRAISE OUR AWESOME HEAVENLY FATHER! We will continue to pray for your whole family and your travel, health, and just about everything. Almost NOTHING could have made my day more than this...celebrating with you!!!!

Emma said...

I'm just thrilled for you all! I've been following the blog since September and praying for Daniel too. It seems such a long time to wait, so I'm sure it must be absolutely fantastic for you! keeping you all in my thoughts x

Mama D.'s Dozen said...

Your day sounds so very familiar. It doesn't matter how important the immediate and urgent things are ... life still goes on with our extra large families. :)

So excited for you!!!

We are talking about another trip to Texas, and one of my young ones asked me yesterday if we could come visit you all again. :) We all have such fond memories of our 2 days with you.



Prayers for traveling mercies!!!

Laurel & the gang :)

Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

Praying sweet friend and thankful the MSM is working!

I love you!

So excited for you and your family to finally have Daniel HOME!

BIG HUGS! Praying you home early!