Thursday, May 13, 2010

Daniel, Daniel and MORE DANIEL!!

OK, what I thought I was going to share about is back seat to what happened "next".
We received a letter from our agency case worker Melodie  in Liberia today filled with GOOD NEWS about our case! Our decree is very near to being done, written, signed, sealed and delivered! YES YES YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!We have discussed making travel plans for the first time in a very long time! Andthe PHOTOS! OH our sweet baby looks so good!!! One friend said "his eyes are captivating"  and she is right...for a baby who used to look very "Sunset sign", very nearrly blind and not very  "checked-in"  this observation  is HUGE! (and correct!)  See for yourselves.

His nanny was changing him and singing to him when Daniel burst out laughing and making sounds.
What answers to prayer are apparent in these newest photos!

Yesterday was a Daniel news  day too, but in a different sort of way. Our local CHILI'S  Restaurant does what they  call "Give Back Days"  when they arrange with a non -profit fund raiser to donate 10% of all sales for a given day  to that  fund raiser.  Gideon told his manager about our adoption and we were told to come in and talk to him yesterday. The manager, Kevin, was SO supportive and helpful! We are having a fund raiser on May 26 (Wednesday)  for Daniel's final adoption expenses:his plane ticket costs! I will be making up a flier to send out, hand out, share around  telling people about Daniel's adoption, his needs and our plans to bring him home. Anyone who comes to CHILI'S  on "our night" with a flier will be donating 10% of their food sales to our  adoption fund through The Shepherd's Crook, the non-profit organization which has a fund for us already and through which we have raised almost all of Daniel's other expenses! We are praying for a great turn out  that night so that when Daniel does getto come home, we will be nearly debt free and  with adoption reimbursement funds from Charlie's job  can repay ABBA FUND and PATHWAYS FOR LITTLE FEET  for the loans they blessed us with last year. We are repaying nwow at a small monthly rate, but want to be completely paid up  when we start the surgeries and doctor visits related to Daniel's hydrocephaly.
REJOICING and dancing  a WILD DANCE in thanksgiving to our Heavenly Father!


Bonky's Mom said...


Ranee said...


I love the second to last photo, he is just so animated! Not anything like those first photos anymore is he???

So the Chili's thing is just local I'm assuming?? I wish I could help that's my most favorite place to eat!

Donna said...

Praise God!!!

He is such a beautiful child and I love the delight you see in the pictures!!

Praying for a speedy delivery into your arms!!

Delighting in Him

Shonni said...

I'm so glad for wonderful to get those pictures and such good news.

Tree said...

What beautiful photos and what a smile! That is such wonderful news! And what a blessing with Chili's. Good luck with your fundraising efforts!!

Kat said...

Beautiful...just beautiful...sigh...

Mama D.'s Dozen said...

Yea!!! Rejoicing with you!!!

Laurel :)

Mom to 9 Blessings! said...


How amazing are these photos?

How precious is he?

OH I can't wait to see him home in your arms forever!

Love you!

Denise said...

Oh my goodness what a beautiful boy he is.I am just so thrilled for you.

triplehmoms said...

FANTASTIC, Linda. How exciting and what an answer to prayer!

Are These Kids All Yours? said...

LOVE THE OUTFIT!!!!! Soooo HAPPY for you & DANIEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! soooooooooooTHRILLED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love the happy look in his eyes....just wait until you get to pick him up for real & bring him HOME!!! Oh my heart leaps with JOY!!