Monday, May 17, 2010

Bringing Daniel Home by way of CHILI's Restaurant

Despite my computer trying its very hardest, which is also its absolute very slowest, to accomplish anything, I have managed to make a flier for our fund raiser, and to send it out to a few people. I will be sending out emails and snail mails all through the week and I have this as an EVENT on my Face Book page as well. After our fund raiser event, CHILI'S will be sending a check for Daniel's adoption travel expenses to The Shepherd's Crook. They will in turn send whatever funds were raised to help us complete Daniel's adoption and get him home!
Daniel was a Shepherd's Crook child when we first heard about him. For those of you who are not familiar with them, I explained a bit more in detail a few posts  back.
A number of people have donated to Daniel's Shepherd's Crook account over the past 18 months. He had an account set up long before we knew anything about him or asked to be formally matched with him. God used that fund to show us that even when we had NO  FUNDS to start another adoption, He had already gotten us started! We thought that we had 100% of Daniel's adoption costs covered and if he had been cleared to come home before he turned 2 years old , we would have. That second birthday came with it the FFA requirement that we buy him a seat on the planes when we bring him home. WHAT AN ANSWER TO PRAYER this CHILI'S fund raiser is! I specifically prayed for new and creative ways to raise the remainder of what we would need to  get Daniel home and be debt free to start his medical care and surgeries! Would you remember us next Wednesday as we hand out fliers and remind people that CHILI'S is a great place to eat AND that they are helping us?
Several people asked me if this was strictly our local CHILI'S or if they could take our flier to any CHILI'S anywhere. The answer is that this fund raiser is through our local CHILI'S only. We thank you so much for your continued prayers for Daniel since we first started talking about him, and we covet your prayers as we begin the plans to finally bring him home!


Kat said...

I wish we lived closer! Either that or I wish it was vacation time and could head down there! Prayers for success!!!

Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

PRAISE YOU GOD for all the creative ways you BLESS US and PROVIDE FOR OUR EVERY NEED!

Praying with you for the greatest turnout at Chili's ever!

Love you!

Amy said...

SO COOL! God is amazing isn't he? And just so you know, my oldest is home from college and just got a job at Chilli's for the summer.:) Praying for you guys!